28 June, 2006


This morning I was reading ODB for Tuesday (I forgot to read it yesterday, but anyways…), the message is so true and very inspiring. If you want to read, here you go VIRUS.

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Some of you may have already known the “Drama” we had for the past few days. To my friends who’ve been there to listen…thank you. I just want to tell you guys that everything is fine now... in fact it made us stronger. I trusted him more and I can see the truth in his eyes and I felt his sincerity.

Everyone knows that obstacles are natural to have in a relationship, and there’s no such thing as “perfect” relationship. It is also normal that “some” people will do their very best to destroy you or anything just to make “them” satisfied. Fortunately, I’m not one of them, he-he.

No matter what “they” say or do, I don’t care no more. My time and life is for “him” only and not to anybody else. If “they” say he lied… obviously it’s not “to me” but to “somebody”. If he has told “them” stories -“true or not”… it’s not my problem, because he is still here beside me. Call me “dumb” that’s alright but I’m not stupid to go down-level.

Good news;

2 mah Friends: “ingit lang ang walang-hiya haha”.

2 mah hubby: “naah… you owe me honey (big-time). I told you I was right, hehe, I believe you Bee, your friends told me “some” of the “few” so don’t worry about it, I’ll stay. Mwa!

I guess that’s about it… just another boring and lousy story to tell, hehe. Anyways… I’m back!

25 June, 2006

Dear Tiffany Craft

Tiffany, you made me do this.

First of all Welcome to my Blog. Second of all, I feel sorry for you. Since Shaun and I started dating you always interfere in our relationship. Why is that? I know you two are best friends. I know your concerns and I’m not stupid not to know that you have a strong feeling for him.

I remember you made up a story; you told Shaun that I sent you an email with nasty words. I really can’t believe you did that. And why should I do that? I’m not desperate and I didn’t care if you like me or not. When I asked you to send us back a copy of that so called “NASTY EMAIL” that you believed I sent you (in your dreams!) We never heard anything from you. Scared to tell Shaun the truth?

Ha-ha, he told me you’re a lesbian but I doubt it… and I don’t care. If I have access on his email or messenger accounts, it’s not because I looked for it, he gave it to me and I hope you understand… and why do you care?

I’m also aware that he talked to you about his job and us… but both are totally fine now. He said you were there for him as “a friend”, which is fine to me. Girl… for your information, I have nothing against your friendship you just annoy me sometimes when you try to hide that feelings for Shaun… well I guess not anymore ‘cause I’ve heard he quit talking to you when you told him your feelings. Wow… that’s big news there! So I was right since day 1, you love him. Why did you wait this long to tell him? Anyways, sorry if he quit talking to you. If you should have not said anything about your feelings towards him and not said so many things against me, he will probably still talk to you. He knows you’re up to no good.

Oh yeah, for the second time, you said I sent you an email AGAIN? Ha-ha, that’s funny… would you mind send it to us, please. Also, seeing him in Oklahoma City is not a secret from me, he told me that and sorry… if you’re trying to involve him with your current situation, he promised me he has nothing to do with it. So do what you want, make up another story and let’s see what we can do.

Tiffany, as I’ve said, I don’t care if you hate me. But this drama is getting on my nerves already. I kept silence but not until you visited my blog and Shaun’s, and left a message. It wasn’t bad but it caused a lot of doubts. I don’t know what he tells you and I don’t care ‘cause I trust him more than I trust anybody.

You know what, when we were still the Philippines, he showed me pictures of his friends and I was eager to meet them, they seemed to be nice and fun to be with. But for some reason, you’re the only person in his life that I never trust. Please… stop interfering. Move on with your life. Quit talking things against me. I never said or did anything against you so why are you doing this to me?

You may reply to this message… go ahead… lets listen to one of your lies and imaginary story again. Make me look bad again… if that will make you happy, go ahead. I’m used to your doings anyways. We are doing great… will you respect that for a moment.

Good luck.

19 June, 2006


it is so great and
exciting to face a new life. A life that you never expected to be yours.

Life has so many meanings
and has so many ways to make it better. It may be a life without laughter or it
may also be laughter without a life. But there is no such thing as Life without
a Meaning.

Everyday, every hour, every
minute, and every second ... all of these are important to us.

So let's not waste it...
enjoy and discover what real life is.

This was my first post ever on blog. It sounds corny but I stand before my words, he-he. After reading this post, I’ve come to realize that I need to cool down a little bit. As I work hard I tend to forget the real meaning of living. I take everything seriously and sometimes I’m not myself anymore. I feel old and ugly. As part of my renewal, I will be at ease and open minded. I will control my temper and be more understanding. I’ll try to compromise but not all the time though. Good Luck to me!

18 June, 2006

Enough Already

I’m just so not myself right now. I don’t understand some people. They’d rather spend their time with stupid things and set aside the ones that are important. I’m tired of giving my effort; I’m tired of trying to make everything done on time; am tired of making everybody happy; am tired of understanding and compromising; am tired of giving way; am tired-am tired – am tired! Bullshit! Enough is enough!

Team or Beam

Team – what does it mean to you? At work, we only have 2 trouble shooters and that would be me and Steve. We suppose to work together as a team to obtain and maintain our goals. But it seems like he’s competing with me. He was with the company for almost 2 years already and because of that he thinks that he is my superior. Every time that our boss is not around, he would always act like he is the officer in charge. Between November 05 and February 06, I’ve been having a hard time trying to figure out myself how to be proactive and effective at work. He helped me a lot of times because he knows the procedures better than I do. But time has come where I can work on my own shit without consulting anybody. If I had to ask I would go straight to our boss; and to me that’s the smartest thing to do because “boss” knows everything in our department. And, there were a lot of incidents that Steve put me in trouble because he loves to assume.

It has been almost a month that I’ve been up-to-date and have no pending job. All my products were released and in good terms with my buyers in Ohio. Steve is aware of that and he is not happy about it. I mean, he gave me compliments but you can tell how resentful he is. Last week, he printed my report to see how much loads I have to work on, he found out that I only have 1 page to work on and he’s got 9 pages. And why in the hell would he print my report? Then, every morning, he would ask me… “How many packets you’ve got?” then he’ll get pissed because I have few. So I kept telling him “well, don’t blame me… ask the receiving department why they have those errors on yours”. It doesn’t make sense to me sometimes when I hear him grapping because his job is to fix errors created by the receivers so we can release the products. To me, the more errors the more things to do… the more money we’ll get…. “Job Security” correct?

There’s one time, he was absent on a Friday, I printed all his product reports and have them all checked. The following Monday, he questioned me; he said that he assumed that “me” and “our Boss” will work on his things. He said that with an attitude… I wanted to slap him and I thought “damn you… who do you think you are? You never worked on my papers when I was absent”. Take note… he’ll be grapping and complaining about his over-loads but he always miss days… always absent and late… and there will always be an excuse, ha-ha.

He’s a smart ass and cocky, everybody said that at work. He thinks he’s good looking and smart… **eewww**. Let me tell you… he’s the nastiest person I’ve ever met here in the U.S. He smells so bad, I think he don’t take a shower before he goes to work… I mean... it’s really that bad. You’ll hear him talking-and-talking-and-talking… gosh… it’s so annoying to hear about the good things… “Let’s hear the bad things Steve ha-ha”

I don’t know how I’ll survive. I tried ignoring him but when he says something about my work… it irritates me. I do my job, I work hard and meet accuracy so why can’t you just leave me alone and do your job! I want to tell him that but I don’t want to be rude.

Let’s see what will happen this week.

15 June, 2006

Nothing Special

My day was fine, nothing special happened. Our new officemate started today and she seems like a very nice lady. I’m sure she’ll enjoy our company. I had Chicken Grilled Cheese Sandwich for lunch… yum-yum. Boy - - it made me so sleepy can’t hardly open my eyes, ha-ha. Then after work, Shaun and I went to Taco Bell and brought home “Mexican Commercial Food” ha-ha, that’s how I call food from Mexican Food Chain **yuk**. If I were to eat Mexican, I’d rather go to a REAL Mexican restaurant, like JalopeƱos; Salitas and Tapatio – my favorite. Anyways, we got home, we watched Willow and Underworld Evolution (was awesome by the way) then we took a nap and here we are… facing our bubbas.

Frustrations for the day:

Shaun won’t let me drive the car; he’s scared something bad might happen.
We got mad at each other for a short while because he thinks I yelled at him on our way home. Actually, I was trying to catch his attention because he was playing with the cell phone while driving and there was a vehicle that tried to cut in. I got scared so I was like “BEEEE”. Then…. That war begun! Haha- but we’re good now.

That’s all for now… am going to bed now.

14 June, 2006

Great Wednesday

Donut Day – we always get free donuts every Wednesday. I can’t believe I forgot to eat it this afternoon, damn! Wasted!

Anyways, there were a lot of good things happened lately. The guy’s (who rear-ended us) insurance company rented a car for us, we got it yesterday. Oh men, you’re talking about smooth, quiet, spacious and clean car. Unfortunately, Shaun won’t let me drive the car because I freak out easily when I see car coming. I can’t blame him because I’m still in the stage of trauma. When I got home yesterday, I got a billing from the Bryan County Emergency Service and I was like “OMG… they charged $475.00 just to pick me up and drive me to the hospital, it’s outrageous”. And take note, this bill is only for me… I wonder how much they charge for Shaun. The ambulance they used to bring him to the hospital was from a different town so I don’t know how much. But since I already gave them the claim#... I have nothing to worry anymore… the insurance will take care of it. Tomorrow I have a task and I hope this will be the end of the hassles from the accident we had.

Let’s continue about the good things… what else? Shoot now I forgot, ha-ha.

This morning when I got to the office, I went outside to smoke and have a cup of coffee (it was early when I got in). I thought I wished I had a cam on that moment while sitting outside, enjoying the cool morning breeze, the moon was still up and the sun was peeping. Birds were chirping and the smell of the grass reminds me of my childhood. Oh… how I wish today will always be everyday. Then, during lunch break, I smelled something like you’re on the beach… like a “fishy-smell”... oh men… that made me miss the ocean.

I’m glad I was able to find time to update my friendster and blogger account. Reply to my friends’ messages – emails; offline msgs; chikka and forums. In a few minutes I’ll be ready to go to bed ‘because I had to get up early for work.

Well I guess, that was the sign - - - LOL. Till the next time.

By the way… regarding NETFLIX - - - no sign of it yet.

11 June, 2006

Sunday - -

- - another day for relaxing, I woke up this morning with a grin on my face. I watched Star Wars Episode 3. Speaking of which, the fact that this movie is old… I guess I was still in Elementary when the movie came out… the presentation wasn’t bad at all. I mean… it’s like it’s a new release. The graphics, the animation, the stunt… everything, you can even compare it to new Sci-Fi Fantasy movies like Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter and lots more. I can’t wait to see the rest of the Episode (again), hehehe.

I joined the Netflix World, woohooo!! We ordered few movies that Shaun and I loved to see. Some are old movies and some are newer. Yeah, we thought having Netflix is better than renting movies from a local store; also it keeps us from wasting money. Now we can stay at home, relax, play on-line games, and now we have movies coming in to our door, less gas expense… huh… what else do we need?... PoPcOrN I suppose hehe.

Tomorrow is another day… I’m looking forward to learn new things. This week will kill me… our boss told us that the operations will work 10-12hrs that means we’ll be expecting more errors to fix; but I always consider it as job security.

That’s all for now… had to fix supper for my honey.

(Thanks for dropping by…)

10 June, 2006

Literally Went Crazy

A week ago, I had a few list of stories that I wanted to share but there was no motivation in me to begin with. I was so depressed. But here I am… I guess I’m a “little” bit motivated, hehe.

Yesterday, I went crazy – “literally” I guess. Maybe because it was my Grandma’s burial and I still can’t accept the fact that she’s gone. I talked to my Mom through chikka and told her harsh words. I hurt her feelings I know and until now she’s still in pain. Then, I got pissed because it’s so hard to go to work without your own vehicle. We’re still processing the claim from the 2nd party’s Insurance Company (oh by the way, those who didn’t know, we had a vehicle accident last Sunday, we got rear-ended by stupid old cowboy). Then we got home, I called my Uncle and I started crying “again”…. I’ve been crying all night and day since my Grandma left the world. I told them how sorry I am for what I’ve said to Mama. I already asked an apology but she never said if she has forgiven me already. I know it takes time… but when? After the long talk with my Uncle, Shaun and I had a couple of Heineken, and then I took a short nap and woke up with a bad headache. We watched Star Wars Episode 1 and 2 then we went to bed. Yeah that was the boring and crazy time I had yesterday.

This morning when I woke up, I still had a bad headache. I fixed breakfast for Shaun and cleaned the house. But before that, I received a message from my Mom, telling me that the testimonial record that I made for my Grandma was played during the funeral mass, also they played my goodbye offer music for Lola while they’re bringing her to cemetery. And last night, I dreamed about my Grandma… I’ve been waiting for that time. Since she was gone, I never dreamed about her, but last night I did. That made me feel better and I know now that she’s happy. I guess she don’t really want me to worry too much and want me to accept that it was her time. Well… I let God take care of her… I’m sure she’ll be happier with God.

Well I guess that’s all for now. Got to finish my house cleaning and have a good night rest.

(Thanks for dropping by)

04 June, 2006

What Is Going On?

What's up with my journey?

First... I had a nice weekend. Stayed home, relax and play EQ.

Second... my task turned out so busy because one can't make it.

Third... my Grandma passed away.

Fourth... I can't afford to come home and I hated myself.

Fifth... Shaun and I just had a vehicle wreck. The good thing is... we're both fine except from pain.

... Now... will somebody tell me... what is going on?