29 September, 2008

Closer Enough

OU CFB kick ass!!! Congrats team!

We had friends over this weekend and of course we all had a great time. Shaun grilled steak that is "oh so yummy", finger food that is so freaking hot but so good at the same time, LOL. I forgot the name of it but its Jalapeno filled with cheese and herbs, and wrapped with bacon - yummy. Our friends stayed the night, after watching the game, we drink (as usual) and played cards, the game was fun and the players were hilarious. Can't wait to see them again. Sissy Misty was there too and am very glad they had a great a time as well.

We have a new German shepherd puppy. His name is Brauka - strange name but unique. Shaun picked the name this time - he got it from the book he's reading (which will be on TV series pretty soon). Brauka is a character - who's known as the mighty and fearless warrior... which we believe describes our new puppy's character. Anyway, he's only 4 months old, very active and intelligent. He's certified S.A.R. Type A (Search And Rescue) Candidate. He's so adorable. I have a few picture of Brauka on one of my albums, just in case you want to look at him.

I am just so happy right now. I thank God for every single blessings He gave us - All are Priceless!

I think I'll have to get off here... gtg... don't want to miss the shopping discount... LOL.

Love you peeps!

06 September, 2008

Won't Hurt A Bit

Yesterday, I found out that one of my co-workers got mad at me because I was doing my job and was following instruction from my superior. I knew she was pissed because we made her do something aside from "whatever she's doing back there" lol. Anyway, yesterday, I saw her at the hallway and I said "Hey there"… she gave me that cold dirty look and just walked off. Well, I knew it was coming but I still said hi to her because we used to chat (all the time). Why is she taking it so personal? damn it! I was just doing my job - LoL. Why didn't she come up to me and say something instead of acted like a spoiled brat child. I've heard so many bad stories against her but I tend to ignore them, but yesterday was a hard slap on my face. So it's true…. (Who cares?! LOL) hate me as long as you want… it won't bother me a bit.

Last weekend was fun by the way. Thank you for those who came to our party. We took a few pictures and most are videos. OU won of course… boring but we won and that matters. Food was great… dude talking about Fiesta. Drinks… uurrggh… my goal was to get drunk but the more I took shots the more I got sober… ha-ha, weird but true. My friends and my sisters finally met and I'm so glad they like each others party, yey! No drama that night so that's cool. Then, we played "Rock Band" – was really fun.

Tonight, it's just me and my sister, fixing to watch a movie. I'm sick though – hoping not to catch flu.

Anyway, hope you guys have a great weekend! Thank you for my new myspace friends… ttyl!