09 September, 2010

Getting some new replacement windows…

We recently decided that we wanted to try and reduce the heating costs for our home. The electric bills were getting really high every month. We did several different things, but the most important was we got replacement windows for our home. We went to a local hardware store to figure out which ones we wanted to install. We didn't know the first thing about doing it ourselves so we had to hire someone to do it for us also.

I honestly didn't realize what an effect replacement windows would have on our home, but it was amazing. They installed the windows right away and immediately I could tell a difference. One thing was that our house just looked a lot nicer outside. These new windows made our home look like a different one. Another thing that I really liked was that the
drafts seemed to be gone. When I walked by the windows, the temperature didn't change. Used to you would feel a cool breeze sometimes, but this was gone. The first month I got a new heating bill I was so excited. Our bills had dropped a significant amount. The replacement windows will pay for themselves in just a short amount of time. I am very glad we made this decision.

This is a guest post by my friend Matt Walkes