25 August, 2008

Just give me 5 minutes

5 minutes (or less) ... that's all I need to update my Blog ;P

- Shaun bought a brand new pick up and I'm glad he loves it. I drove it twice and that was it... LOL. He will never stop if I put a small scratch on it, ha-ha. Aside from the new vehicle, the company provided an iPhone for him... spoiled! Means to say... he's enjoying his life.

- My mother-in-law just got out from the hospital last night. She's doing a lot better now compared when they ran her to the emergency room. She was diagnosed with Pulmonary Embolism (Lung Blood Clot) and was in critical condition. We're all glad that everything went well... thank you Lord! We love you mom!

- We get to see Shaun's nephews and nieces... they're all taller than me... hu-hu.

- OU party on Saturday at our place... we're all excited.

... what else? hmm... I guess it's time for "demo-crap news"

- At work... SOS 'Same-Old-84iL' I've finally told my boss that I don't want to work with crappy old boy anymore... he's so LAZY and FAKE!!!! Funny 'coz the karma just started. Good Luck freak!

- - - - - - -

I guess that's it.... I have nothing else to say... I'm tired already, LOL.

Thanks for reading though ;p

12 August, 2008

Yes Master!

Our family and myself are so proud of Shaun for passing the Master in Plumbing for Texas. I knew he could do it. Another blessing from God - - - thank you so much! Now he's a Master - he can do "ey-ne-thang" he wants, LOL.

That's all folks! Just want to share our moment of happiness and excitement, hehe.

I'm calling for a weekend Celebration!!!