29 July, 2007

A Fine Weekend

We've finally seen the Transformers. It was better than the cartoon I used to watch. It brought back my childhood memories. Me, my brothers and my sister loves to watch it, and we never missed even one episode. In fact Papa bought us a full series of Transformers in Beta Tape. Anyway, it was good and I would love to watch it again. Now I want to see Harry Potter and Simpson the Movie.

Oh am so lazy to type all the events we had this weekend. I'm still so tired... lol. Well, Friday we went to see a movie. Saturday, we went to Jonathan's Bday (Shaun's Bro). Chastity, her kids, Coby and Courtney stopped by at our place to see Ava (their GSD). Shaun played football with the kids (Jonathan, his 3 friends, Coby and Ryan). I wished I had my v-cam with me yesterday (shiatot). Then we went back to our home to take a nap. Then left again at 6pm to meet up with Marcus and Regina (The Germans). We had dinner at their place, had a few drink, went to Salita's bar and moved to this small bar in town (I forgot the name). Shaun was drunk and I was scared for him to drive. So I told him to pull over and I will drive... am glad he trusted me though I had a couple of drinks too. We made it home safely... Thank God.

We're going back to town again to do some grocery shopping for us and Coby (Shaun's nephew). He'll be staying with us for a week before classes starts again.

Next weekend will be another fun time 'cause we'll be in Texas and on the next Thursday will be visiting Shaun's cousin. I just can't wait for these incoming busy days.

Sis Sarah if you are reading this, what's the plan for Caleb's birthday? Just give us an update and we'll see if we can make it, Shaun has is Contractor Master Lic. the week after next week, we'll be out of town. Let me know okies. Gawa ka ng registry for Caleb's Bday so we know what he needs, hehe.

Sis Marie,I love you and I miss you baby sis. Hope to chat with you again... by the way, why did you cut your long hair? kamuka mo na si mader! hehe.

Okay, I had to end up my drama moments here for today. Hope you guys have fun!

22 July, 2007

Goodbye and Hello

Goodbye bubba! My bubba finally left the house this afternoon, I missed him already. I missed the times when we stayed up late at night, played on-line game and browse the net. He helped me to make my life easier. He was there when I need help on my projects and he never let me down. He always gave me what I need especially the times I needed my family most. He was there to be my bridge to everything. I miss you bubba... hope they'll take good care of you.


Hello soon to be sistah! well... I'm not pretty sure when I'll get it but I will get it soon, hehe. I'm getting a Quadro-Core Laptop... don't know when but as I've said... I will. Super mahal pa sya ngayon so I'll wait 'till they mark the price down. Right now I'm using duo-core and I'm loving it... so just imagine how fast Quadro would be... gosh... I can't wait. wish me luck guys.

By the way, we have another German Shepherd in the house and her name is Ava. She's 1 year old and very sweet. But we only get to have her for a few weeks and she'll go back to her owner, my sister in-law. I will miss her so much, I don't know what I'm going to do. I fell in love with this GSD, her sweetness nailed me... big time! So I don't know what's going to happen in a couple of weeks.

I have a bad news too. Well, you know our ZiZteRs InFaShioN business? we are going to shut it down for a few months until we get all the paper works done. So as of now, "Store is Closed".
No special event happened this weekend. I took a day off Friday just a break from work. It was okay, I needed a long hours to take care of my house, my babies and my hubby. I guess that's all for tonight, hoping you guys had a great weekend.

01 July, 2007

End of June

How are you all? Hope everyone is fine and doing great. I know I've been slacking from posting updates lately. It's just been a hell of week at work, but we're catching up.

Update on ZiZteRs In~FaShioN ---
It's doing great. We just started a few weeks ago and we already have orders and some were sold-out, coolet! Ha-ha, me and my sister thought of using "coolet" when we ought to say cool. Anyway, yes we had orders and we're freaking out already. So guys, go check ZiZteRs and see what's happening... just peep! he-he

Update on Isha, Kimber and Lolah ---
Isha is turning 7 months this coming July 7. She's getting big and prettier. She's almost about 50lbs the last time we checked her weight. She's been so lovidovy to us lately, very sweet but aunry sometimes. Kimber and Lolah are still the same (Eat, Sleep & Meaow) That's all they do every day... he-he. They're getting big fat, they're like female version of Garfield.

What's new? ---
We have a broom-broom now, hehe. Its a GMC Z71 and I love it. It's not a brand new actually, we bought it from Shaun's sister. Ganda ng price eh so grab na, hehe. I drove it this morning and I think I won't have problem with it. Kita ko kalsada, ha-ha.

Philippines ---
I don't know the current issue. I never check the news or whatsoever... so please mga sis... update nyo ako. Anong bago dyan?

I guess that's all about for now. I need to get my butt in bed, two nights a row na kaming inaabutan ng araw. You guys have fun!