29 October, 2006

Halloween and Birthday Party

Success! The Halloween and Birthday party was Fun-Fun-Fun. Everybody enjoyed the games, prizes, food and beer, he-he. We first went to Dad’s place for the burgers and hot dogs; then we played games right after.

Games and Winners:
Eyeball Candy Relay – Courtney / Tahlowa / Dellin / Stephanie (Group 2)
Pin the Cat’s Tail – Tahlowa
Statue Dance – Tahlowa
Paper Dance – Ryan

***everybody received big and consolation prizes, everybody WON!

How well do you know your partner? (Adult Games)
Brandon & Misty – winner
Dad & Mom Lynn – 2nd place
Shaun & Stephanie – 3rd place
Mike & Chastity – 4th place

***it was hilarious, just imagine what would happen if you have Alzheimer? Better expect the unexpected flying object…ha-ha. Thank you Chasty for hosting the game, it was really fun.

Anyways, after the few games, we went to my place for the scary stuff. I’m very glad that they like our spooky looking place. Brandon was the guide, me, Shaun, Chas, Misty and Mike were the characters. They helped me arranged the candles and other props to make it scarier atmosphere… they did that in less than 20 minutes and I was really impressed with their ideas. The black lighting, strobe light and horror sound effect was a big help too. The kids got excited and scared especially the little girls “Raven and Courtney”. They went to each room and then when Mike grabbed one of the kids they all started screaming… I thought it was cool.

After all that, we played poker, I tried to learn but if only I quit falling off the chair I would probably remember they taught me, ha-ha.

It was exhausting but the fun and effort to make it happen was PRICELESS.

I uploaded photos in L~i~t~r~a~t~o; Friendster; MySpace; Multiply and there’s more to come. Have fun and Happy Halloween to all !!!

22 October, 2006

Mah Weekend

Friday - - -
Mom Lynn and I went to EXPO after we got off work. Lots of free stuff, raffle drawing, lots of people, live music band and not to mention the BBQ meal. The food was great, good music and again… the food was great, ha-ha. After the EXPO we went straight home and it was too late when we thought of watching a movie. So we just went ahead and gone to see the triplet goat at Grandpa’s place, they’re so cute. Shaun was in the wedding rehearsal and I got home first before he did. Anyway, it was a nice Friday for me.

Saturday - - -
First I want to congratulate Mike and Tarina on their wedding - - - CONGRATS!!!

After work, we went to JalapeƱo (just me and Mom Lynn). We had a wonderful late lunch together. We talked so much about almost everything. Then we went shopping, clothes, groceries and few things for the Halloween party this coming Saturday. She got herself a costume (finally, he-he). I pretty much enjoyed my weekend; I didn’t miss a lot of things... it’s been great.

Then at home, Shaun and I spent the rest of the evening watching movies and we stayed up late… drink and talk. Now we’re planning to spend a few days in China, ha-ha. There’s always new huh!

Sunday - - - Today - - -
Hang over I guess… hu-hu. I used to love Heineken but I noticed it’s been giving me headache every morning and I hate that. Today is kind of boring and I’m so sleepy but I couldn’t sleep. So I went to my kitchen and made some Beef Stew for Shaun (he liked it, wohoo). It’s not from scratch… its Beef stew from the Box, ha-ha.

Well anyway, I started putting up our Halloween props one by one ‘because I know that Shaun and I are gonna’ get busy and we won’t have time to prepare by the end of this week. Each day will be a long day for both of us.

Guess going to get off here for now, I just want to finish my chores and got to bed early tonight.

18 October, 2006

Don't you Just Love it???

...when you're sick and the person you really love is beside you? ha-hay... am in love again.
I was in a bad shape since yesterday afternoon. I got home and went straight to bed, I called in sick this morning 'cause my body was just sore. I woke Shaun up and he said he'll stay with me. But he still went to work which is fine with me. But as soon as I got up, I think it was around 12nn, I noticed I had two missed calls from him, so I called him back and he told me that he's on his way home. He told his Dad "boss" that he's going home to take care of me... aww... so sweet. Then, when he got home, he cooked food for me... we watched movies and m'n, he's so sweet. Now he's outside playing with Lolah... he-he.
I love my husband so much even though he don't bring me to Chinese Restaurant lately, he-he.
"I love you Honey... can't wait for our Anniversary" - - - kill me now! kill me with your sexy body! wohooo!

14 October, 2006

Here I am Again

Good News - - -
My sister-in-law MaeAnne told me that they're going to have a baby boy. Of course, I can't deny that I am one of the excited aunts. She also sent me a copy of the 3D-Ultra Sound and I can tell right now that he's a very adorable and gwapong baby... as in!
Alone - - -
Yep... am home alone. Shaun went out with his cousins Mike and Bogs, plus one of their friends, Micheal I guess. Anyway, it's a bachelor night out for Mike. He's getting married on the 21st and not to mention his brother Bogs "Terry" will be married too on the 28th. A lot of weddings coming up this month... Congratulations guys!
Back to the subject... ehem... okay, I'm alone and I was supposed to do something around the house, but here I am, sitting in front of the PC (obviously) shopping on line and getting some few ideas for the Halloween party. Golly... I can't explain how excited I am for that event. I chat for a few minutes with my sister-in-law Chastity, I asked them if they could come over but I knew they won't be able to, Chasty has to work tomorrow and Misty is out of town. But it's alright, we'll have fun on the 28th anyway... a lot of fun, he-he.
Speaking of work, everybody in the office were so in the mood of joking and teasing. You can't say anything without firing the words back to your face. It was so funny and I hope it remains. I don't mind working 10hrs/day as long as the people around you are fun to work with. Well... some are irritating but hell, it's their problem not mine.
Travel - - -
I believe I have mentioned this to some of my friends already, that Shaun and I are visiting our family and friends in the Philippines next year... only for a week or two. I should be collecting gifts already but Christmas is coming so I guess I'll schedule my "pasalubong" shopping on February. It depends though, 'cause I we have two months in mind, March or May... and we can't decide yet as of today.
M'n, I can't wait to see my friends... party all night long... I really can't wait. Of course, I'm excited also to be with my family.
Grrr - - -
MySpace!!! What is wrong with you??? Work! Damn it! LOL (just kidding)

05 October, 2006

Before I go to Bed

... I want to stop by and say hello to all bloggers and readers, especially to my friends. I've been very busy lately in the office and effective tomorrow we will have to work 10 hours a day, this will continue 'till December. They said "sucks to be me"... I know but hey, I'd rather work my ass and make some money than staying at home and waste time.

Anyway, I started working with my kitchen project but the problem is... I can't finish what I have started. I feel so lazy when I get home from work, my home-office is a mess, my living room and I can't even find time to take care of my babies. Everything is a mess, I need like a day or 2 to be alone and do all the things that I need to do. I don't know... maybe tomorrow will be different... who knows.

Last night I talked to my parents over the phone, everything is doing pretty good. I told them that Shaun and I will visit on March and they are looking forward to it. We're already searching for the best deal for air-fare. We're excited to be with our close friends and families. Now I have to collect pasalubong... he he.

I guess I have to get off here... I am so sleepy and have to be in the office at 6AM. Poor baby Shaun... he's not feeling so well and he don't have any choice but to drive me to work tomorrow. Sorry bee... I love you.