16 June, 2008


Oist! mustamos mga kapatid? Ako? okay lang. Its been awhile since my last post noh? as usual, busy especialy since my sister arrived from Hawaii. She made me addicted to shopping again, its like a "Reborn Shopper", LOL. I said that because I used to shop like crazy, but since I got older medyo mahina na, haha. I do shop pa rin naman even before she got here, but I enjoy shopping with a shoppi-holic person like my sister.

Anyway, my kitchen is currently under renovation, with the help of my sister of course. We could probably finish half of it by the end of the week. For the past few weeks, we've been going out with Shaun's family. Like two weeks ago, we went to Sulphur Spring. It was fun and we would love to go back. Isha enjoyed the water as well, it was her first time so medyo shock pa sya. Then last night, we talked about going to Medicine Park and Six Flags... everyone was excited.

My days were pretty much filled with excitement. Except I didn't get the position that I applied for. Our company was open for Payroll & Wage Administrator, I went for it since I have 3 years experience on payroll administration. Well, my boss was not happy when I gave him my application, but he did support me. In fact he told the upper management how good I was and the result of my reviews, naks naman, hehe. He really thought I would get it, he even asked me to train someone for my replacement, haha. But anyway, I didn't get the job due to the fact that I have a relative in the building. YES... bwisit! The HR told me that they would love to give me the position, they're impressed with my resume unfortunately its the rule. Kasi daw, I would have full access on employees' 201 File. So to avoid issue "wag" nalang daw, huhu.

But you know what? I'm not even upset, why? 'cause at least I know that I was qualified and they gave me very good feedback. Pero okay lang, I don't quit that easy naman, hehe. And they just gave me a a pay raise the same day, haha.

Anyway, so, I guess 'yun lang muna. By the way, thank you all for keeping up with my blog, friendster, myspace, multiply and also - - - I have a new network group http://us.cyworld.com/MrsNiMrBuckner - go try it its cute and fun talaga.

Ingats and God Bless!