30 March, 2008

Funny Videos - I think =)

I just love these videos - just can't help but to laugh. Sorry, I'm not perfect either but at least I know where I stand. Here just watch it and have fun!


Saturday Boredom

Our Saturday was kinda' boring, we supposed to work outside but it rained, so we stayed inside watched T.V. shows and played with our pets. Took a nap late afternoon and woke up... again bored. Shit, there's nothing to do around this area. We decided to go to town, Shaun was in the mood for Mexican meal so we went to Salita's Sports Bar. We thought of going to Texas also but we're kinda' hungry and we can't wait any longer, lol. Anyway, so we ate, talked about our business project and more, it was fun and I feel so motivated now to continue my research.

We went to bowling center and OMG, it was packed. Tonight was the first time seeing the place packed. We wanted to play but the waiting list was long, ngek! Even the movie theater, they were packed. Shaun wanted to watch the Superhero Movie but instead we watched Drillbit Taylor and it was hilarious. After the movie, we stopped at a store and got us some ice cream, got home and watched Comedy Central... and here I am, blogging.

Speaking of movies... I've finally watched "I am Legend" I promised myself not to watch it but I still did. And yes I cried. I really did. Over all - - - it was a good movie, I should have watched it in the first place.

Anyway, got to get off here. Thanks for droppin' by and thanks for the peeps who sent me PM's, Text and emails... thanks for remembering me!

28 March, 2008

My Week So Far

I went to a Filipino gathering last Tuesday in Durant. If I didn't checked my friendster I wouldn't know about it. Shaun didn't make it to the party 'cause he had to work 'till 8:30p.m. and the party started at 6:00p.m. I had so much fun, I met new friends and I was the only non-medical person in the crowd, lol. I can't wait to see them again and Shaun would love them I'm sure, they're young and cool, just like us, he he. I've been waiting for this moment to happen, to be able to meet new Filipino friends in town. I'm just so glad there's a small Filipino community building up, more parties to go and more Filipino food to share, he he.

Speaking of "building" - - - there will be a new Vegas Style 12 Story Hotel and Casino in Durant in about 2 years from now. I just can't wait to see it, he-he. I found out about this project through Shaun, kasi the contractors wanted them to bid on the project. So Shaun knows that this is going to be huge.

Anyway, I guess that's all for tonight, its getting late I had to crawl on my bed na, its going to be a long day for us tomorrow.

I will be uploading photos of my babies probably tomorrow... just watch for it! Thanks for dropping' by and for the haters... kiss my bunny!

23 March, 2008

Hello - Hello !!!

We celebrated our Easter yesterday at Shaun's parents place. The kids hunt eggs... I joined them and it was fun and hilarios (long story). I ended up having $7 and candies but I gave them to Tristian (Shaun's Nephew) 'cause he helped me reach the egg from a tree, ha-ha. Courtney won the game, she got like 19 eggs with prizes. We also played Wii game, it was fun although I pulled muscle, lol. Everyone loves Wii and Shaun's parents are fixing to get one... and so are Weeee... hehe. We love it!
Ofcourse there were food... lots of food and dessert (Yummy). First time I've had Velvet Cake, uhmm, so yummy. I thought they were yukky but when I tasted it, gosh... the slices kept coming. And now I gained the pounds that I just lost few weeks ago. We planned to have a get together again next month and we're planning to have a family trip anytime soon. We are so excited.
I wish you all had a great weekend with your family and thank you so much for the greetings.
God Bless!

17 March, 2008

BB Pilipinas - Miss World Winner?

Melanie Marquez has to step aside. Kayo ang mag judge! Pero teka, if you were to be the finalist, what would be your answer? Care to share? hehe. Characters are welcome!!!

12 March, 2008

Oh I Feel So Great

Better than I felt few days ago. After the OKC Trip, the Concert and All - I am so thankful that I feel so much better now. I've been wanting to post since we got back but my body ain't ready for it yet. I called in sick last week and I barely made it to work last Friday. It was horrible and I couldn't stand being miserable all week. Shaun took me to Urgent Care Clinic 'cause we didn't have a choice since my doctor was out of the office that day.

Anyway, I just want you to know that I'm back and ready to kick some butt, hehe. Advance Happy St. Patrick's Day to All and Happy Blogging!

07 March, 2008

OKC Trip

The trip was a blast although Shaun had a flu during the weekend, he really tried to fight it with the help of Alcohol, lol. The Linkin Park Concert was freaking awesome and I can't wait to see more of their concert. We took photos and videos since Friday and you can see them at LITRATO, MySpace, Friendster, Multiply and YouTube. If they're not there yet, please check them again later.

I will also write a review on the places we went to. Don't forget to check Shaun's Blog "Heinekman" . You may want to check it this weekend 'cause he's still tired and lazy to blog. But I'm pretty sure he'll blog about our OKC Trip and he loves to write reviews.

Thanks fro dropping by guys!