17 June, 2007


Hey guys... I'm starting a new small fashion business na.... hehe... exciting. Right now I'm using Multiply, kasi free and this is only for starting. My business partner is my sister Marie, she's now in the Philippines and she's my idol talaga... she loves fashion kaya naman sugod agad ako. Anyway, I already ordered product to sell, our main target is Philippines. But we're still trying to figure out how to make more money without paying too much for the shipping. So for now, we're only shipping domestic (USA). We only got 1 product, within this week maybe we can add some more. You know how it works for a beginner like us... trial lang muna kung baga.

Last Friday I got my pay increase, another excitement ulit, hehe. I also had my job evaluation and so far I am doing very good, that's what my boss told me (whew!). He said my confident is getting better and his big bosses liked my performance (whew!). It was a fun Friday, though they had to give me a hard time kasi I had a "kiss-mark" on my neck. I was so embarassed talaga. I tried to hide it but it was too late. I got pissy at Shaun a little bit but naah... at least I have somebody to kiss me so good, ha-ha. Even my boss caught it, he said "I meant to ask you this earlier... did you had a fight with a vacuum cleaner?"... ha-ha. That was totally embarrassing talaga. It never happened before kaya super hiya talaga ako. Shwet!

Saturday & Sunday - - We just sat around, watched television, Internet and on-line game. Lazy huh?!

Texas meeting - - - rescheduled nanaman next month! Can't wait na!

10 June, 2007

Just B*tch'n

If you are a Filipino / Asian; and looking for "Kapwa Pinoy" - - -

... just go to Casino. I was surprised of the numbers of Asian women who were in Casino gambling their fortune. The only sad thing was, they tend to ignore young Asian such as myself. Why? because they think they have the superiority for staying in the US for more than 10 years. That's just sad. While I was playing the slot machine, two couples sat beside me. They are in their 50-60's and you can tell that their definitely Filipinos married to Americans. I was hoping they'll greet me back after I gave them the hint of saying "Hoy Pinay Ako". But they just ignored me. So I ignored them back. I don't really care much for Pinoy's who thinks they're wealthy when they're not. Who thinks they know everything when they don't. To hell with them! Another Pinoy encounter the other weekend during the Magnolia Fest. Two Pinay's were chatting about how long they've been in the US. They're Visayans and they were using Cabuana dialect (which I can speak and understand too). I wanted to greet them but I was hesitant to ask because they were with their hubbies and I was with my mother in-law shopping. I think they're alright, they're about my age or older.

I've met so many Pinay's in town and even in Oklahoma City and other State. I've met some of them in person and some I always talked on the phone. I just hope that most Pinoys/Pinays are like my friends. I hate crab mentality and I'm glad that I do not have a friend that has it. So Thank God am Blessed!

Seat Belt (Click or Ticket) - - -

As we all know, this is one of the important things we have to remember when driving. Make sure to have your seat belt on even before starting the engine. But wait a minute... have you thought about the School Bus? My 10 year old brother in-law told me that the only seats that has seat belts are the Driver's Seat and the 2 / 2 seater in the rear end. Now how about the other kids? That don't make sense at all. I know they have reasons why most school buses don't have seat belts... but that's BS. Have you seen that video where one school bus had an accident and all the kids where flying all over the place (in the bus). That's awful! somebody should implement 'Seat Belts to All Wheels' ... yes even a Loan Mower since the authority can get you for DUI for driving it while intoxicated... that's BS.

Babies - - -

Most of my friends already have kids and some are going to have kids soon. I'm one of those married women who says 'It will come when it comes' or 'We're just waiting for the right time'. But honestly speaking, I'm tired of waiting. It's been a couple of years already without a luck. But all is good. God may not bless us a kid of our own but He may have blessed those kids who needs a parents like. Yes, Shaun and I are open for adoption but not right away. As I always say... 'It will come when it comes' or 'We're just waiting for the right time'. So, for those who are waiting to see our Baby/ies... we need your prayers for us to have more patience and to stay humble.
Over-All - - -My weekend was fine... though I lost $100 for gambling. I should have saved that money... oh crap... not going to happen again... NEVER!

Well, that's all I can bitch about so far... hope you guys are having a great weekend.

07 June, 2007

Today & Tomorrow

We're here in the living room watching Constantine... again. Since I've seen the movie like 15 times, I thought of updating my bloggy.

Today I got a message from my little sister and am glad she's doing fine. Except my brother took the computer with him to Cebu and now I can't talk to my sister as often as we used to... hu-hu. But that's fine, I'll be calling them this weekend anyway.

I had a great time today. Work was stressful but fun at the same time. Rhonda, my office mate started to bring mind teaser since Tuesday. So everyday she'll have these set of questions and we had to answer them. To me it's a stress release 'cause it helps me to think of something else aside from work. It's really fun and I suggest you all have to try it.

Anyway, tomorrow I had to work from 6am to 2:30, maybe extend 'till 3pm. Then straight to the gym. We're going out to eat with Marcus and Regina; then after will be our own agenda, he-he. The guys are going to Salita's Sports Bar while me and Regina will be in Casino... that'll be fun.

Okay... guess have to get off here... still have to pack things for tomorrow.