22 July, 2006

Early Morning

Drinking coffee... waiting for Shaun to get up. Getting everything ready for the trip to 6Flags. I think everybody are excited for the fun... except for the heat... OMG. Yesterday was like "Friday the 13th" to me. It was freaking hot and our airconditioner went off. Shaun tried to fix it and we found that we had to change a peice of "something" to make that sucker run, yet we didn't had time to run back to town yesterday. Nakakainis grabe! So I guess we won't have aircon today and tomorrow... sucks to be me, grrr. Then yesterday also I called in for 30mins late because we had to pick up something from Dad's... so yeah... I was pissed yesterday because I hate being late (and I hate waiting too).
I just hope today will be a great day for all of us... especially sa akin noh, LOL. Paano naman po kasi for the past few weeks I've been cranky and I can easily be irritated. I don't know why but that's how I've been lately... and I don't like it.
Ha-hay... so paano, medyo umiinit na ang upuan ko, hehe. Sana lang even though mainit ang panahon... wala sanang sumira ng araw ko... kung sino mang sumira ng araw ko... "lintik lang ang walang ganti"... ha-ha (Teka.... ano nga ba ang Lintik?)

20 July, 2006

Wala Lang

Casserole in the oven, that's how my body feels right now. Sobrang init grabe, nakalimutan ko tuloy kung gaano kainit sa Pinas, feel ko parang mas grabe dito, ha-ha. Kawawa ako nito sa Saturday, we 're going to 6Flags this weekend together with Sis and Bro-in-Laws. Shaun is excited na rin kasi he can't wait to make me jump in sa rides. Naku, wala akong tiwala sa mokong na 'yun noh, I bet maraming ipa-pa try sa 'kin 'yun. Anyways, sa sabado pa 'yon so just wait nalang kayo when we get back... para na akong negra nito pag balik ko, ha-ha.
Wala namang bago sa ngayon, my brother nga pala, he's wanting to go back to Hawaii kasi may job offer sa kanya which is okay naman kasi mas malaki ang pay and less hirap. We'll miss him pero if it's for his own good.... I'll support him.
Miss ko na rin family ko pero ano ba naman ang magagwa ko sa ngayon? Kahit nga 1 day of absence eh ayoko kasi masyadong in demand ang position na pinasukan ko, susko... ewan ko lang kung mag bakasyon pa ako nito. Hindi naman sila strict, kaso lang, when I get back, ganu'n din, patong-patong pa rin tratrabahuin ko diba? So what's the use of your vacation leave kung babalik ka na ma-stress ka pa rin. Aba ewan.
Sa ngayon, happy ako... sa ngayon lang ha... LOL. I bet pansin nyo na Tag-Lish ako ngayon... ano say nyo? he-he. Well, napag isip-isip ko kasi, parang ang hirap i-express ang lahat ng gusto mong sabihin kung trying hard tayo sa English diba, nauubusan na nga ako eh, minsan mali-mali pa grammar and spelling... so 'ala na akong pake sa mga taong hndi makakaintindi nito, mwah-haha.
So pano... dito nalang muna po ate Helen, hehe. I'm so tired and shwet... ang sakit ng tummy ko.. alam nyo na kung bakit...hehe.

11 July, 2006

BBB Hunting

Shaun and I are now working or should I say "Building" our very own first website.

Check it out BBB Hunting.

Just give us few more days and everything will be set up. We have more add-on but we just don't have time to do it.

But anyhow, hope you guys like it especially for those who love hunting. I can't wait for the "Deer Season"...woohoooo!

My Website will be next after this one... stay tune guys! mwah! vavutch for now.

05 July, 2006

Short Stressful Weekend

Last week was just so stressful. My partner was on leave so I took care of everything at work. Good thing my boss was there all the time and my good officemates gave me a hand. Well, boss actually worked most of Steve’s account so lucky for me I was able to work on my stuff.

Then Friday came, Shaun and I (as usual) bought something to drink and Chris (my bro) bought steak for supper. Of course, Shaun did the grilling and oh men, it was perfect… it was the best steak I’ve ever had. I think I fell in love again, he-he. Few minutes after, Mike and Tarina came over, they brought their dvd movies and we swap-movies to burn. It was cool. Yeah-yeah, we had a couple of drinks, hehe. It was fun I tell you. We went to bed around 3:00 in the morning. It was weird because neither of us got really drunk, we just enjoyed the time and talked about things… not to mention… science.

Saturday 10:00 in the morning… I fixed breakfast for everybody, Tarina was wanted Egg, Biscuit and Bacon, but we forgot to buy bacon so Sausage was on the table, he-he, sorry for that Tarina. We knew it’s going to be a long day for all of us because on that Saturday evening, we had to go to Mike’s parents for family gathering and to celebrate 4th of July. Shaun and I got there around 6:00 P.M., we were just so tired that day but yeah, we made it there. There was no alcohol or whatsoever… it was pure family, kids, swimming and fireworks… oh yeah… good food too, I love the BBQ.

Damn it sucks when I had to go to work on Monday. I was just not in the good mood that day, everything was slow for me. I was being lazy and pissed. I couldn’t wait for the last hour; we decided to have a drink, just me and my hubby, but something came up, we had to go to Ada that evening to help Misty and Brandon with their water line deal. Chastity was there also so yeah… we enjoyed the company. We had few shots of our boyfriend “Jose Cuervo”, he-he. Lot’s of beer and we played card game and dice, it was fun.

I used to be the last person standing after the drinking session but that night was not for me. I was knocked out before I knew it. Maybe I was so exhausted from work. I’m glad we went there… we missed them so much, especially the kids.

We’re looking forward to see them again soon. We were planning to go to the lake or if not… they’ll join us on our trip to Texas next month, damn! I can’t wait…. Wohoo.

Oh well, I guess that’s all for another boring day… need to get off here and go to bed. I need some sleep.