26 December, 2005

My Christmas

We all had a wonderful Christmas. We started celebrating since the 23rd at our home, then we traveled to Sis Chastity's place the following evening. The food was great and of course the gift giving was exciting. I was the gift giver so I had to wear that cute elf hat.

I called my family in Pinas and everyone was there. My Mom said they had "Exchange Gifts" and good food, which I'm sure "The Best"... yummy. Then I talked to my Papa, Sis and Bro... they really sounded like they're having fun. I miss them all so bad. Also, I planned to surprise Cathy (my bro's future wife) on the phone because really... we haven't talked on the phone every since... but we both get along so good. But when I called the second time her and my bro just left the house, but that's alright maybe one of these days I'll give her a call.

Anyways, as I've said everything was great except Dad Jackie and Mom Lynn weren't able to come and also me and my hubby weren't able to join GrandMa and GrandPa's Christmas Family gathering. Oh men... it's really tiring util today... from shopping 'till the last minute of Christmas... it's so freaking crazy but it's all worth it and there's nothing to feel sorry for. Everyone did a very good job. We thank Sis Chastity for hosting the gathering, you did a very good job.

Merry Christmas to all and have a wonderfu New Year!!! May God bless you and your families and friends.

I have some few photos taken... you know where you can find it!

22 December, 2005

Nothing is New

I know it’s been awhile. I’ve been busy all the time at work, at home and of course it’s holiday…. shopping all the way as you all know. I bet most of you are done with the shopping… good for you. I have so many stories to share but I don’t know what to start with. Let’s try the Wedding Anniversary last November 11.

On that same morning, Mike and Tarina came to our place and brought us their gifts, we had a little chat. Then afterwards, me, Heineken man and snoopster went to Texas and had pork ribs b-b-q… boy it was good! Then we went for shopping for Christmas. In the evening we hang-out with Mike and Tarina, we played pool at Lukes. That place reminds me Pinas… but our bars are more fun compared to the bars that I’ve seen here so far. Anyways, after 11pm, we decided to go back to our home and continue the celebration and we ended up at 4am the following day. That’s all what happened during our 1st year wedding anniversary.

You want to hear more? Okay… here’s the latest… we have a new office mate that is so annoying… very annoying! Can’t handle it anymore... grrr.

Okay… I guess that’s all about it for now. Don’t ask about Christmas… I think it’s gonna suck!