08 January, 2011

First Annual New Year's Eve party

Guest post written by Charlotte Robertson

I've been to tons of New Year's Eve parties before but this year is the first time that I've actually hosted one. I'm a little nervous about it but I think that it's going to be really great. I've been planning for a few weeks now and because we went home to my parents' for Christmas, I've been able to concentrate on hosting this party.

2010 was actually our first year as a married couple and homeowners, so I'm still kind of excited to show off our house because this is the first big event we've hosted in it. I've been getting a lot of the ideas and recipes for the party online and when I was looking up a cheese ball recipe about a week ago I came across the website
Cleartvbundle.com. I looked through it a little bit and then we signed up for one of the home internet packages we found on there.

I just hope that we have enough room in our house for the
New Year's party because it isnÕt exactly a mansion.