22 January, 2009

Here You Go

Okay, here's the bad news, per my MRI, I have Herniated disc which is the reason why I was in severe pain, ran to ER, missed my work for a week and feel miserable even with prescribed medication. The doctor said that it can go worse or it can go better - which we all hope it goes better. She had ordered Physical Therapy, that's 3 times a week. Then, I'll have to see her again after two weeks and hopefully things gets better.
But now I'm back on my feet, back to work with restrictions of course. I'm not sure if it will heal by itself, but worse case scenario, surgery will be my last resort. I would rather be in pain for a long time, go through PT, than to be disabled. *I'm still scared*
So now you know why I'm on and off the net, lol. For those who sent me messages and kept me on their prayers, thank you all so much... I need miracle!
Thank you for my friends, my family, and most of all my hubby Shaun (he's been there for me all the time)
Talk to you guys later - time for E.Q.