27 February, 2006

I'm Back

Yep... I'm back on my Net World again. We recently had our satellite internet connection at our home. Of course everyone’s happy 'cause from now on we'll always be updated and be in touch with our friends and family.

So stay tune for more 'cause "ScOrPy is BacK-tO-bAck with LoCo"

17 February, 2006

I'm just Mean

Don't you hate those people who imitate someone? How about the people who think they’re better than you? I know somebody who’s like that and it really annoys me so bad… so bad. I guess I could say he’s annoying to everybody. I don’t want to judge him or anything but shit… he’s worst than the red necks! Boy he will suck a butt hole just to get a score. He’ll make you look bad too when you’re not around. He plays game but guess what? I don’t put up with his shit.

I wish he’s on Television so I can flip the channel. Or maybe I’ll just have to slap him ‘till he losses his teeth… oh I almost forgot… he’s “toothless guy”… ha-ha. I remember one time, one of our office mate asked if we know any dentist in town, oh my God… he recommended his dentist and the lady was like… there’s no fucking way!!! And we all laugh. I though it was mean but its funny though.

And it’s not only that… he have a rotten smell issue going on… ha-ha. OMG… kill me now, I’m being so mean.

16 February, 2006

Wonderful Time

Nothing new actually but I surely had a wonderful time today. I was given a compliment from my boss and co-workers, after next week I'll be handling my account... ALONE! He-he, excited but nervous... maybe I'm just scared to make mistakes. As of now, I'm so tied up. I have lot of things to finish at work tomorrow and I thank you for my co-workers they've been so kind to me ever since. I just hope by the end of the day everything will get done.

13 February, 2006


I bet most of you noticed that I haven’t been updating my bloggy. Well what can I say? Hmmm, let me think…. (blank). I really don’t know what to say, I’m so tired and I can’t think of anything.

Maybe next time I’ll share something interesting, but for now… let me just say… thank you for those who never forget to check out my site.

Monday Sickness

I’m tired of getting sick lately. last Monday I wasn’t feeling good either, I had to call my boss to call in sick for the day. It’s frustrating but I can’t do anything about it. I’d rather stay home and rest for a day rather than go to work, take some pressure and stress myself.

Anyways, I’ve been having some issues lately. Last week was a bad week for me, maybe I should say… for all of us at work. As a new employee, having some mistakes can be tolerated but having mistakes for every single day is just ridiculous. Now I am a little bit upset of myself and worried too because it seems like memory my skills is failing. I’m not that old but seriously, I think I need to see a specialist. I used to have a good memory but lately it just failed. I can’t even remember what exactly happened last night, sometimes I tend to forget even small stuff.

This is not right, something has to be done.