31 May, 2007

I Miss You Lola

June 1st - my Grandmother's 1st year Death Anniversary. I missed her so bad and deep in my heart she's still here beside me and alive. I made a short poem just for my Lola... here it goes.

It’s been a year since you've been gone;
But it seems like it was just yesterday.
I feel your presence and I feel your love;
I wish I could see you and hug you for long.

I miss your smile, I miss your laugh;
Especially when I kiss you and sat on your lap.
I miss your eyes, I miss your stare;
Just like saying “Iday Please Take Care”.

I know you love me Lola
I know you missed me too
I know you can’t wait to see me
So please, let me be with you

But I know it is impossible
To be together so soon;
So wait for me Lola,
I will be there soon.

“Lola, I miss you so much. I can’t help but to cry whenever I think of you. When I close my eyes, I see you staring at me, smiling and talking to me. I wish I can hug you again Lola… I wish I can be with you. It always feels like you're beside me, watching me and telling me to remember everything we had. I love you Lola… with all my heart”


27 May, 2007

Aloha Hawaii

Have you been to Hawaii? If not, it's time for you to visit Hawaii and enjoy the rest of summer time. For accommodations, I recommend MAUI VACATION RENTALS. I found this website very resourceful and speaking of deals... they are the best.

I've always wanted to go to Maui. If you go to their website @ http://www.hawaiianbeachrentals.com/Hawaii/Maui/rentals1.htm you'll see a lot of beautiful houses, condos, apartments, hotels and cottages. I like HALE MOANA SPRECKELSVILLE BANANA.

So guys, what are you waiting for? Don't you want to see the ocean again? LoL

26 May, 2007

Body Blast

Holy crap! my body sore after that work out we had yesterday. We sweat all our extra fat out baby... yepeey. Then after the gym we went to Salita's to meet up with our hubbies. Salita's is my new number 1 favorite restaurant in town. Reasons: Food, Excellent Service and SPORTS BAR. Yeah... the bar seems to be my second home, he-he. We went there yesterday twice in a day... ha-ha. I had margarita and salad, not sure if that's healthy but damn that margarita... taste so good. I call it Blue Water... taste so good.

Anyway, got to jet... more to tell soon....mwah!

25 May, 2007

Changes - Just a Little Bit

Starting this afternoon, Regina (my German friend) and myself will be attending physical work out at Xtreme Fitness. We were there yesterday and they are so professional when it comes to everything, from personnel to services. I guess you've already figured out the purpose. We want our sexy skinny body back. Regina and I have plans so I think it'll give us self-motivation. I'm excited and my pain relievers are ready... 'cause I know I'll be sore the next day.

Memorial weekend - - - oh we'll probably visit Chasty 'cause it's her birthday today, bar hopping or something. Then run back to Durant on Sunday and meet up with Regina and Marcus. We supposed to have a cook out but it's going to rain this weekend... that sucks! Then on Monday, I guess we'll stay home and relax.

That's it for now, gtg... am hungry!

21 May, 2007

Smells Good

Do you love incense? I know I do and I found a best place to get it from. Go and check Best Incense, Co.

They have the best deal and they have different varieties of scents. They also have incense holders, perfume oils and they even have Aromatherapy Bath Crystals. These could also be a nice gift to your family or friends and for sure they're going to love it.

The best part is, you can request for samples. Not too bad huh. Try their product and share the refreshing and relaxing smell with your love ones.

20 May, 2007

What About This Weekend?

Oh not much. I had my holiday last Friday and i didn't do anything much, as my asawa always say. Saturday evening we went out and dine with Shaun's parents since we didn't get a chance to do it last weekend on Mother's Day.

Last night I went and checked my BlogVertise account and guess what? They paid me for promoting a product on my blog. That was so cool. Now am waiting for more task and pay for my other ads. I recommend BlogVertise to everyone!

By the way guys, the Match Up you see below is just for fun but please be honest when you vote. Tarina if you're reading this, so sorry... he-he. They're just so adorable, I just want to see what other people thinks, he-he. I would love to have another puppy like Toby.

Speaking of pets, I've been thinking to start selling pet products. Right now I'm still looking for a wholesaler. But I don't know yet, it may change my mind again.

I guess that's it for now, I still have a bunch of things to do around the house... =P

14 May, 2007

Mother's Day

Hope every single Mom had a great time with their family, especially with their chikitings. Mine was fine except not being a mother myself. I called my Mama Friday evening and it was so fun. As usual, 2 hour of never ending story, he-he. Then we supposed to go out and dine on Saturday evening with Shaun's parents but they cancelled. We got bored that evening so we went to watch a movie with Tarina and Mike. I forgot the name of the movie... the movie wasn't that great but it was okay. Then, we decided to go to our place and have some few beers but it was more than few actually, he-he. Oh and I can't stand tequila anymore, I still feel sick from the last drink we had. Shaun showed Mike his pistol and projector... they liked it (everybody does). Then, we played card, played with the puppies... Toby (Tarina's Pup), he is so adorable, I would love to have one of them. What else? oh yeah... we got pulled over that same night, we didn't know that truck don't have tail light (crap).

I guess that's all... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL.

07 May, 2007

Yucky Weather

Oh well, been raining for awhile lately. Not just only rain but scary weather... always watching for tornado watch. This morning at work, I over heard somebody said about seing a tornado funnel close to where we work. Crap, of course I freaked out.

Now I had to get off here and say goodnight to you all. Heavy storm is coming our way very shortly so I better go and cuddle with my hubby.

06 May, 2007

Jackie's Bday

It was a last minute plan to have a cookout for Dad's birthday. No one was prepared even Mom Lynn, it was all Shaun's idea, he-he. But it went out great though Mom Lynn had to leave at 5pm to attend a wedding. His birthday is actually today, the 6th of May. Around 7p.m. lastnight we went to my place, the kids watched movies while the adults talked and drink. They love our projector. The best part that I really love whenever we get to meet Shaun's sisters, they all talk about the crazy things they've done when they were young. I just love it... I think it was cute.Anyhow, I will upload photos soon. I just can't get time to do it but I will... promse, he-he.

05 May, 2007

Am I Getting there?

For the past few days I've been cranky and snappy over small things. I don't know why and I don't know how to get over it. I feel like I want to blow up or scream or hurt someone (who ever deserves it). Its not PMS... no. I feel like I'm lost or something. The other night I though I'm going to break down. I wondered why... I told myself there's no reason for it. I don't have problem with my marriage, in fact we're doing great and we are both happy. Our job pays good and we love it, every day is a new challenge. My pets are fine, except for Isha, she tore up my wall and my couch, which is not a big deal. My family... I missed them so much and I get in touch with them everyday. So I don't know... am I missing something or AM I GETTING THERE?... I'll be 30 years old this year... so I don't know. Oh well... just venting. And oh.... I'm not pregnant he-he.

04 May, 2007


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