25 December, 2006

Happy Holidays!

Our Christmas - - - It was wonderful and stressful and it turned out very well. Since we had our Christmas dinner with his parents on the 23rd; Shaun and I decided to celebrate our Christmas on the same day. We opened our presents and played with it for a little while. I got Shaun his presents and I’m glad he loves it. But I’m still waiting for the other one to come. I got him a Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Calibre 9000 Minute Repeater Bracelet Watch - BL9000-59F. He gave me great gifts too and I loved it.

Last night I called my family in the Philippines and greet them a very Merry Christmas. My mom sounded like she's having fun (that’s cool). I talked to my Papa for a few minutes then the line got disconnected *bummer*. Then I've tried calling back for a couple of times and it won't let me in. Finally after like 30-40 minutes I called them back and I was able to talked to them again.

Then I called my dearest friend Liezl. Luckily Allan was there too so I was able to congratulate them on their wedding on the 29th of December. Liezl was so excited and I can tell by the way she talks. I just feel so sad that I won’t see my two friends get married. I’ve been waiting for this event to happen, hu-hu-hu. Guys… congratulations… I love you and I missed you. Allan… I know you’re a good man and I trust you… please take care of my friend okay.

Well… I hope everybody had a great Christmas with their family and friends… and may God Bless you all.

I have photos taken at home and at my in-laws place, just check it out on my blog photos… click the link PicZ-PicZ below.

17 December, 2006

How was your Weekend?

Mine was great except yesterday morning I felt like getting colds or something. After a few hours I was fine. And thank God I was in the mood of cleaning. The only room I left undone is my office room. I have so many staff scattered all over the place and I don't know where to start. I have two twin beds in my office for any guest but I'm thinking to get rid of it. I was thinking to give the room a make-over and I'm thinking maybe... game room or something, since me and Shaun are into gaming lately. Or maybe something else where I can take a break, relax with my favorite music... I don't know yet but the beds should be gone!

Obsessed - - -
OMG... the brutitch is really obsessed of making my marriage miserable, ha-ha. What an idiot! Gawan ba naman kaya ng profile ang asawa ko just to make me jealous, ha-ha. Sorry dear... I'm not going to make patol to you freaking lesbian! My husband loves me and he is mine, ha-ha.... belat! lesbian kasi kaya walang pumapatol. Oh well, I can not do anything but to ignore her idiotic persona'.

Okay sige... tell you stories later... am so tired ad sleepy. Thanks for reading!

12 December, 2006

I Love Tuesday

Lost - - -
I think we had too much fun the other night. We could not find the remote control for the T.V.; I remember hiding it under the couch after I turned off the tv to keep the guys from playing XBox. I had no idea what happened to it, ha-ha. I think I'll keep Shaun's advice... "Never Hide Anything When You're Drunk".

Can't Stand It - - -
Three years ago my weight was 116lbs. On my wedding I was 126lbs; now I am 130lbs. (hu-hu-hu) I missed my old clothes; the sexy clothes... I'm super taba na. I feel like super bansot. I told Shaun to enroll me to one of our best gym in town, that would be a perfect gift for Christmas, he-he. I decided to start my diet after New Year. Good luck to me!

I'm melting ... I'm melting - - -
My boss called me to his office this afternoon. I was given an additional responsibility which I think it’s good ‘because it’s like they trust your work. But Shaun advised me to be careful also on taking responsibilities… I will remember that honey.

Holiday Shopping - - -
Oops… not done yet. Maybe this Saturday I’ll finish my Christmas Shopping. I already have my cards in front of me but I’m so lazy to have them filled out. Shaun will be mailing our cards to my family in the Philippines… gifts will follow he-he.

I guess I better get off here… I have so many story to tell starting from freaking out from a bunch of “ghetto”… but I’m just so “SLaZy” right now (shortcut for Sleepy and Lazy… nice term huh?!)

10 December, 2006

From PM to AM

Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary advance celebration was great. We had "aways" sandali in the morning pero bati ulit, he-he. Shaun was upset 'cause ha had a plan and it didn't happened for some reason. But it went out really great; we dine with Mike and Tarina at Chilli's. Then we went to Wal-Mart to get X-BOX 360 Console. Then we went to Game Stop to grab me my type of game, he-he (I'm just so spoiled... love you Honey). And then... we went to the liquor store... our final destination, ha-ha.

So home we go... we played few games, drink and bullshit. We played cards "Fuck Up Your Neighbor" - - - I'm not sure if I said it right but yeah... "fuck our neighbor" ha-ha. Men Vs. Ladies... and guess who won... LADIES!!! Shaun and I really had fun. It's been awhile since the last time we hanged out with Mike and Tarina. Let's just say there's a big drama going on and Shaun and I are caught in the middle. But Shaun always say... it's not our problem and besides... Mike is Shaun's best friend... no one can take that away.

It was awesome last night, but not this morning... I was sick and I can barely move my head because of severe head ache. It was nothing actually compare to the fun we had... I'm glad they came... they made my Shaun so happy.

To Shaun - - -
Don't laugh, he-he. Honey my Babylove... I just want you to know how happy I am. Thank you for everything and I love you so much. You give me more than I asked for... don't spoil me too much please... hihihi. Hey... 2 years of marriage... yehey! We had our ups and downs but where ever we are, what ever situation may it be, we're still here. Congratulations to both of us and advance Happy Anniversary honey... mwah!

I'm so glad you enjoyed the fun we had last night.

07 December, 2006

Wala lang...

I'm a little disappointed that we have to work this Saturday because my hubby and I have plans on that day. But its mandatory and anyway we can go out after I get off work.
Its our 2nd Year Wedding Anniversary on the 11th and we decided to celebrate this Saturday... we're both excited about it... he-he.
Well... got to get off here... thanks for reading my non-sense and boring chikka for the day.

03 December, 2006

Ano ba?

Naranasan n'yo ba minsan na parang gusto mong mawala nang biglaan na parang bula nalang. Lalo na minsan na nakakainis at nakakalito ang mga nang-yayari sa paligid. Tapos minsan pa, kung sino 'yung tao na akala mo eh puwede mong maka-usap eh 'yun pa ang sisira ng araw mo... p'wede ba please... tama na ang ka-dramahan, and dami ng problema ang mundo noh.

Ha-hay... ewan ko ba, ano bang naging mali ko at ako'y nag kakaganito? Hindi naman po sa nag re-reklamo ako pero gusto ko sanang lumayo muna o kaya naman eh mag kulong sa isang kuwarto na ako lang. Naalala ko one time, lumayo muna ako sa kabihasnan (hehe tama ba?) Ang sarap ng feelings na mag-isa ka sa isang kuwarto, walang kasama kung 'di sarili mo lang, then feel mo ang dami mong time sa sarili mo, walang masyadong iniisip kung 'di sarili lang. As in... naka-tulong talaga.

Anyway, sige na... tulog na ao at baka bukas maganda araw ko... sana lang.

01 December, 2006

Just Want To Say

Good morning to you all! I hope you'll have a wonderful kick-ass day today... he-he. You all be safe and may God Bless you all!

And for my little sister... be strong sis... I love you and we're all here for you. Motivate yourself more and 'wag magtatanim ng galit... okay... I love you!

Aahhh... creepy... me? good mood? first thing in the morning?... unbelievable! ha-ha

Well, I just thought maybe its time to post something good even for once.

Okay, got to go!