21 April, 2006

New Day - New Hair!

Today is just a great day! I got my driver's permit (though I drive a lot already...lol), same with my brother, he's got his too. Then we went to Taste of Island... courtesy of my Bro. After that, we shop a little bit and also we went and looked for a vehicle.
We got home around 2Pm, I took a nap then went to the beauty salon in Bokchito. Check out my hair, I have a pic in my Album. The curl is just temporary... we were just trying to see if I look "better" he-he (my husband will kill me...he hates curly hairs)
This is the day that I've been wanting for so long... Stephanie's HoliDAY.

19 April, 2006

My Bubba

I am so excited with my new pc. They suppose to deliver it today... thank GOD! now I can call it "My Computer"...ha-ha. Shaun actually bought it on Sunday and I call my pc "bubba". Check out the pic below... our friend karen thought it's cool.

1 more is missing and soon I'm going to get it (i hope he-he) Flat Touchsceen LCD Monitor like what you can see below... neat!

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Why do stupid people exist? Continuation…

When I arrived the office this morning I noticed that she was not in her section. I thought maybe she don’t want to work because of what happened yesterday. Steve came in late and he freaked out when I told him that ms.filty aint there yet… he was like, OMG she’s got a lot of stuff to finish. Then Rhonda said that ms.filty is already in the warehouse, and I thought “ha-ha, now she’s doing all her best to finish all the PIR she’s got so she can cover her ass when Randy comes back on Monday”.

Anyways, I was cool until Steve told me about what ms.filty told him on the phone right after the argument we had yesterday. And guess what? Just as I’ve thought… she threatened me yesterday. She told Steve that she’ll get fired because she will woop me. Holy crap! Should I be scared? Ha-ha. Hello… ms.filty, I think you forgot that I’m too old for wooping… can’t you take this issue in a mature manner?

I can’t hardly wait nomore… ha-ha. On Monday we will have a meeting regarding to what happened yesterday and today… hehehe, let’s see who’s in the hot sit for citation.

So for those stupid people like ms.filty… please… keep it to yourself.

18 April, 2006

Why do stupid people exist?

My co-worker and I had a simple conversation which was work related and it all end to a big argument. I didn’t like what happened in there but I was expecting it’s going to happen. Dumb ass people like her would not accept ideas instead they’ll argue with you to death and would not let you prove your point. At work, as a trouble shooter, we are only given 7 days period to fix the problem. Now she’s still having that PIR with her since 04/13 so it’s like 6 days already. I gave her an advice to avoid delay of PIR return but OMG… she just raised her voice at me and she keeps telling me that I gave her the PIR yesterday 04/17. *Dumb-Dumb* can’t you see the date on it and tell me when did I actually gave you the sheet - - - it says 04/14/06 6:45a.m. And she should have told me anyways that she couldn’t find the pallets so I can ask the operations to look for it… stupid ass! Why don’t you just go home… take your pills… talk to yourself or maybe talk to your 20 year old son about his sex life with his live in partner, you enjoy that very much anyways. You’re nothing but a nasty mother fuck’n bitch!

Yes I don’t belong to this country and you know what? I feel sorry for your government to have a big lazy ass like you. And don’t you threat me you nega’ mouth… ‘cause you don’t scare me at all… and why should I? Bitch!

Oh poor you... you’ve asked Steve to agree with your pointless excuse? Ha-ha… you’re just lucky he didn’t said anything in front of your face ‘cause if he did… you probably calling your husband and ask him to come back to you… which we think it’s impossible.

Girl, next time you try to make a point… make sure it won’t come back and eat your ass.

Goodluck A-Hoe!

13 April, 2006

For MySelf

Hello myself

I know you’re wondering what the hell is going on around you. It seems like everything have changed. I see your self trying to make things work for everybody but how come that they don’t appreciate that? Well not all of them but some of them doesn’t care at all. They think your effort is not enough for them… well girl stop doing them a favor anymore. It’s time for you to step forward and leave all the baggage behind. I know—I know—you have a lot of issue to work on before you do that huh? LOL

I know at work you’re enjoying the company of your team. Though sometimes a lot of things don’t work as it supposed to be and it frustrates you. Well it happens all the time anywhere, you just have to learn how to deal with the situation. But hey, be proud of your self because no matter how hard things to adopt or to get used (I should say) on this kind of environment - - - look where you at? You have a job, you work hard, they appreciate your performance, you have new friends and you are learning new things everyday as you step forward, isn’t that wonderful?

Don’t’ be sad now okay… everything will be alright. You know--- deep inside your heart that God is with you. He’s calling you actually because He missed the times you used to spend with Him. Telling Him all the things that had happened every single day you had. You better talk to Him again and ask for forgiveness.

Okay--- so, what’s your plan for today? I hope you’ll have a great day and everything will run smoothly. Again… always be positive and do not expect to much on anything… you know what I mean?

Tell me a story when you get back… be safe! Mahal ka ni Lord!

Well today I supposed to have my hair make-over but I didn’t have time. I was so tired and sleepy. My back hurts so badly and it’s killing me! We supposed to go at SubWay Restaurant but Shaun was tired too so we decided to go straight home.

My day was fine actually… I just can’t believe time passing so quick without even knowing it. This evening we had Link-Si-Log (garlic rice, hot links and egg) Shaun loves garlic rice… he can have that everyday without complain, hehe.

Tomorrow is Friday and I’ll be so busy on shopping. I’ll try to have time for my hair makeover, he-he. I need to get some groceries for Shaun’s birthday party.

I have no interesting stories for this day… so maybe tomorrow I’ll bring you some good news or something… LOL

11 April, 2006

Mga Gurang

Nakakainis na! Eto na nga, okay na kami tapos may panibago nanamang problema. Puede ba people, huwag naman kayong masyadong dumipende sa asawa ko. Kawawa naman 'yung tao, wala na ngang time sa sarili para makapag relax. Sobra naman kayo. Kayo na nga ang tinutulungan lahat i-aasa nyo pa sa kanya. Bigyan nyo namang ng break 'yung tao. pati tuloy kaming mag asawa na-aapektuhan na sa kagagu-han n'yo.

Aba, kung wala lang akong respeto sa inyo matagal ko na kayong sinagot. Anong akala nyo sa asawa ko? At ikaw (Ama) kung ikaw mismo na gusto mong ang anak mo ang mag mana ng negosyo nya pwede ba ngayon palang ipakita mo na may reason sya to keep the company. Ikaw pa nga mismo nag-sabi na malaki tiwala mo sa kanya, which is good pero susme naman... wag mo namang abusuhin.

Nahihirapan na 'yung tao. Ikaw nga may ari di mo naman alang kung paano mag alaga ng employee. Ano nalang mangyayari sa inyong mga gurang kung umalis sa companya asawa ko.

Please lang ha... tama na!

08 April, 2006

What's Up???

I have links below that I got from a forum. It’s really amazing how the Lord touches our hearts.

Memo from God

An Interview with God


Browse more on their website.


Saturday - lot of things to do but I don't know where to start. I only had 4hours sleep, I went to bed like 2am and that freaking strong wind kept me up. The cats were running around making noise. Not to mention the sadness for not having my baby around. He’s at his Mom's and he'll be back on Sunday evening. I missed him already.

We (me and Mom Lynn) suppose to go to town and get some stuff. Then run back home and do our thing. Then this afternoon, when the weather settles maybe we’ll go to our friend’s place and ride horses. Shwet I’m afraid I’ll fall off and break my bones. But I surely do love to learn ride horses and to have one of my own someday.

(…to be continued)

05 April, 2006


I am so depressed right now and don’t know what to do. I have to admit that I’m also the reason why I feel this way. This is not a self-pity okay… this is how I feel - - so shut up! It’s not self-pity. It’s been like this since Sunday evening and I don’t know when this going to end. I thought I can handle the pain but I was wrong. I tried my best to ignore it and be myself. I pretend that I’m doing fine in front of everybody but it’s such a stupid idea because I’m hurting myself more. I tried not to cry because I thought crying won’t do anything good. But I was wrong again - - - it may not help any to solve the problem but it releases stress and depression. This afternoon I tried to look for something that I can do to make myself busy but still - - - I can not concentrate. This afternoon, while driving back home, I almost got an accident. My mind was so empty and I guess I wasn’t paying attention. And I asked myself, if that accident actually happened…would it change everything? Oh men… what am I thinking? I love my life.

On my previous post, I said… “There is always an end on every beginning”, yeah it’s true and it sucks. But what can we do about it… its life.

- - I don’t know what to say - - - I don’t know if I have to say it here - - - I’m so afraid!
=================enough of that… that depression lasted last night! (Thank You Lord)

(Change the topic)

At work – yesterday I came in late unintentionally and I blame the cats. Yes, the cats. I set the alarm on 4:00am. I woke up 5:35am and I was like… oh shit. I reached for the cellular phone (I barrowed from Chris) and it wasn’t there. I looked for it and I guess where I found it? At the kitchen floor beside the cat’s toy box. The cats drag it there; maybe they got excited with the tone and took it. Or maybe they just don’t want me to leave…ha-ha.

Anyways, I thought I won’t be late because my time was one hour late (which I didn’t know). When I arrived I noticed that my office mate’s vehicle was there already, so I asked myself “Is he early or am I late?” So I walked fast toward the hall and I didn’t saw anyone around the break room or at the smoking area… that’s when I knew I already was late. Shoot… 12mins will surely ruin my record… damn it!

Luckily I didn’t get late today but I got off early from work. I needed to help Shaun fix the water line because one of his Dad’s cows stepped on it and broke it. Dig, Dip and Stuck “that’s what plumbers do, he-he.

What else should I say? Hmmm… oh yeah, Shaun got his thing for his iPod, I forgot the name of it but he got it. I guess that’s it for now. I got to clean myself up ‘because my feet are muddy and I go to run Chris to work.

TtyL! – Mwa!

02 April, 2006


While I'm typing this short story, my sister Marie, my brother Art and I are chatting on yahoo. As of the moment, bro is sending us his pictures taken during the car race... they call it match if I'm not mistaken. Anyways, here's the link of the official website of the event = = = >RACE.Check the photos on my album and on my friendster. Here's one of his picture taken during the match... check this out!

There's more...

All I Can Say to You is...

There is always an end on every beginning.

Thank You.

Fort Washita 2006

Does anybody here knows the story about Fort Washita? Here's the link that will tell you "Half" of the story (I guess) Fort Washita. Anyways, Shaun and I went there this noon. It supposed to be yesterday but we didn't have enough time. It was exciting for me because I've always wanted to go to historic places here in the United States. So this would be my first Historic Trip Visit. Fort Washita is amazing place... I told Shaun I wanted to see the ghost...lol. This may sound crazy but I felt their presence when I was peeping at the window. It didn't scare me because I knew they're still there.
Well anyways, I bought little things... necklace and head dress (that's how I call it...he-he.) It's pretty neat too. You may want to check my Album; I posted few pictures taken during the visit. I already promised myself to come back next year. I didn't take pictures picture of people who were wearing costumes, it's kind of awkward. But I'm sure next year I will. The food were great, we ate Indian Taco. The Taco was made from scratch. It's really interesting seeing this people (or should I say participants/organizer) using old kitchen tools, pots, knives... I mean you won't see any modern appliances or whatsoever. How I wish we have time traveling machine that will bring us to the past... to witness everything that had happened... yeah right!
Here we are back at home. What a beautiful day outside. Shaun is working on his truck (wait a minute - I thought it's supposed to be mine? here) at his dad's place. Me... Am going to clean the house, do laundry, water my baby trees, and feed bacon... what else? - - oh yeah... plant my flowers seed. And oh, I almost forgot… on my pictures… please ignore my belly… he-he, I’m working on it though. That's it for now. Thank you.