24 February, 2008

Random Update

Its been awhile since my last post and am back to give you an update.

Shaun and Moi - - -

... we're doing great and we're both excited for our trip to OKC this weekend with friends. Linkin Park Concert and bar hopping on Friday evening. Shop and museum tour on Saturday and on Sunday maybe mall and shop again, lol, then we'll return on Monday. So its going to be fun and tiring at the same time, he he . We are also doing some research on purchasing land and building a house in the Philippines. And... a cottage in Medicine Park Oklahoma for yearly get away.

Our Pets - - -

... they're all fine. We took Isha to the Vet yesterday for her yearly check up and shots. She's a great dog and she makes us proud for being so behave in the clinic. Shaun was hoping she weigh more than 60lbs. But that's fine, as long as she's healthy and adorable, everything is good. She's picky when it comes to food so its really hard to get what she really wants. As far as Kimber and Lolah, they're getting fat. They eat like a pig, lol. We're going to miss them this weekend, of course I'll be worry all weekend 'cause they're my babies.

Work - - -

... still surrounded with pathetic idiots. I never confronted them but my boss noticed the distance between me and the two. So he asked and I told him. He's definitely on my side, he he . He even told me to fight back and if they get smart ass on me, I should jump on their ass too. He also told me that he's impressed with my ability and the effort that I gave to his department, so there's no reason for me to step down just because these people are against me. So I tend to ignore them and of course they were wondering what was going on and how come I never talked to them as I used to. One says "She don't fucking care" and the other One says "He don't care either" but turned around and been watching me and interrogating the people that I talked to. Asking them if I said something or what... so He can defend himself. They're guilty aren't they? If they really don't give a shit, why keep interrogating my friends, hmm? Pathetic dumb ass!

Now, my only concern is my work, my real friends, my family and my husband. We have our plans and they're not in it so - - - I don't care what they say against me 'cause they're not that important people in the world. If they personally confront me, I would tell them what I know and of course I would not reveal the source, that would be against the rule of secret, naks! he he.

New? - - -

... I just saw the new Vista Messenger, It's pretty cool. In fact I'm using it now, he he

Well, hate to say this but I have to get off here to finish some things. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

10 February, 2008

Don't Rock the Boat

Should I feel sorry for myself? Until now I've been worrying about those 2 shit heads. It really bothers me and I know that it will affect my work. I woke up this morning with a headache maybe because I've been thinking so much about it. This is my weakness - - - "People who talks behind my back" - - - and my solution is to "confront them". That's right, I'm like a soul that is held on the ground because of unfinished business. Okay - so I've decided to confront them right? this morning I read my Horoscope, I don't normally do it but today it was strange... and it says;

The Bottom Line
Avoid conflict -- you don't want to rock the boat
when you're this far out at sea!

In Detail

Doing whatever you want whenever you want is simply not possible, especially now, when you have made so many commitments to so many people. But if you try hard enough, you can still exert a lot of control over the course of the day. All you need to do is avoid conflict. So try to resist your natural urge to go against the crowd, because it could ruffle a few feathers. Just go with the flow and play nice. You don't want to rock the boat when you're this far out at sea!

Alright, so no more confrontation then - its not worth it to spend a minute of my time to tell them how pathetic they are. They're not the only bad co-workers that I've met and dealt with and let me just say that I am proud and happy for myself because I never quit, and I will never let anybody just step on me. I picked the worng people whom I thought I can be friends with - - - I was wrong. The people who stands besides me are the ones that I should call real friends. But it happens everywhere, you'll never know when a person turns her/his back against you - you just never know.

That is why I'm thankful to have some real people in my life. Thank you for those who have been and still honest and true to me and to themselves. I don't have to metion their names 'cause they already know who they are.

I guess that's all for now. Have a good Sunday Evening and let's welcome the new week with a smile and good spirit.

09 February, 2008

Late Night Boredom

It's almost 12 mid-night and here I am - that's only because I slept all day today. I've been bored to death since this morning so I'm just wandering around the net. Then earlier I found a cool site ===> http://imikimi.com/

Here are my first few projects - hope you like it... goodnight.

08 February, 2008

Joyful Madness

Hi guys, thank you for updating my link on your site. Well, I never got an answer from Google, but Blogger Help Group have responded on my inquery. They told me that I may have been playing with my setting, then accidentaly changed the URL, and by that time, somebody was trying to register and grabed the URL http://scorpionlady77.blogspot.com As far as my Blogger Account - everything still there except for the URL. But I don't recall changing anything on my setting "I SWEAR" - I just posted an entry and that was it. Oh well, I gave up on that already - I guess I'm going to loose my Blogsvertise account because of that - huhuhu, sayang naman mga na post ko for them.

Speaking of post, if you'll notice, I removed my previous entry where I was bitchin' about the Taxes and 2 of my Co-Worker. Yeah - I did that in purpose but I will have to repost it again. langhiya sila - LOL. Anyway, this morning I found out, or should I say I confirmed na pinag uusapan pala talaga nila ako. They said that I was just dragging my work and sometimes pretending that I am doing something so the boss will see that I am actualy working. Ha-ha, how pathetic! What I don't understand is... they're the one who wanted to leave work early and they're having problem if I choose to stay? what the hell? Are they really some dumb ass bitches?! Grrr - na iyak talaga ako kanina 'cause I want to confront them NOW - but shit... I have to wait 'till Monday and that sucks! I will really have to stand up and fight for myself this time. If they will be an asshole to me - huh... they're just looking for trouble then. Grrr - inis talaga ako. We'll see what will happen on Monday.

Sis Sarah - thank you for answering your phone... gosh, tagal ha, LOL. Its so nice to hear from you. And thank you for the advise na wait ko nalang sa Monday for confrontation para makita ko reaction nila... hehe.

Mareng Dharl - yeah, Lea is my fav... ano ba 'yan, ba't naman di tayo nagkaka timing sa YM. tc, miss ko na rin kau.

Kikay Wella - musta na? yeah ingat nalang tayo sa hackers, pero duda akong hackers, I think blogger support team ang gumawa eh, LOL. Kasi out of 5 blogs - 1 blog lang 'yung na change, plus... URL lang ang naiba. And, all my entry and template still the same... Anu kaya talaga nangyari?

Ate Sandy - hahay, balit sobra tak kaisog yana, ambot nala hini ha Lunes. Maka ngaralas, baga't makarit karitan it tak mga gurang nga ka-opisina. Agidaw kay mga kawatan waldas, ayaw nala kita kay mga napa ka makarit. Ikaw musta naman? san-o ka mauli mana? sana meet kita ha Leyte.

Nhea - thanks for adding this site. I'm glad that you visit my page as often as you can and I'm happy to have a new onine buddy. Have a good one!

Ann - naunsa naman ka oi. Kanus-a man ta mag meet ani? Sige nalang ta plano wala man dyud madayon. wala pa nako madawat ang GC kay nangayo pa sila ug additional documents. Tawagi ko beh - send lang ug IM kung gusto ka mutawag kay i-hatag nako akong number. Miss you so much!

Mommy In - sorry I had to delete the previou entry where you left a comment - I got it. Thank you for always being there... gosh... kalagot kau. hehe.

Sexy Van - oi, thanks sa time on YM ha. Buti ka pa naka uwi ka ng Pinas, ako plano sa next Sinulog. Basta sisiguraduhin ko talaga na maka uwi this time, haha.

And to the LoSeRz -patchu!!! wait 'till Monday you som' bitches! hehe Bleh!

04 February, 2008

Just Peeping

Last Friday was a blast, sorry I didn't get to share it ''cause I slept all weekend. I got off early from work, went home and rest... as if I needed a rest, ha-ha. Then we went to Sherman with friends, Mike and Tarina. Went to Elk's Lodge (Shaun is a member by the way, perks!perks! perks!) Gosh the NY Steak was good - oh so yummy! Can't wait to come back for more steak. After we ate, the boys stayed at the lodge and of course, Tarina and I went shopping. I let Tarina drove the truck since I'm not familiar with the Texas highway, come to find out she's not familiar either, hehe. Yeah we "almost" got lost - but we made it, thank God. If there were no people around I would kiss the ground, lol. We didn't get a chance to shop more because we didn't get enough time, so the next time we go out shopping again we had to leave early. We went back to the lodge and for some reason Tarina kept thinking about N75, and as soon as she turned she realized that we supposed to be on S75 (duh), haha, so she had to turn around and again... we made it to our destination. Our husbands were drunk and having fun when we arrived. We talked to few people, we played pool and I beat Tarina's ass!!! hehe (love you girl). We stopped at Denny's to eat and sober up, I was disappointed with the food service, crew are slow and waitress is not very attentive... her excuse was?... " this is my first day". No shit! Anyway, food wasn't great either so Denny's is history. We really had fun although I didn't get to drink 'cause I was the designated driver (suck to be me). That's my story about my fun weekend.

About today - it was alright 'till we found out that we owe Uncle Sam this year. Sucks! Corrupted Country I should say. I'm sorry, I'll probably just have to shut my mouth about taxes before I offend somebody.

Oh well, I'm going to get off here and work on my accounting.

When Its Your Time

It's as close to a sure thing that you can get on this earth. Yet, we really don't like to talk about it. No, it's not taxes. But, rather death. And wether you like it or not, at some point you'll need to be involved with arranging a funeral. And when you do, you'll be dealing with a very large industry.

That is why people should have Burial and Life Insurance that takes over the burial expenses. And speaking of expenses, funeral are very expensive now a days. If you don't have insurance yet, go with Globe Life: Burial and Funeral Insurance .

Just think about it guys; when you leave your family who will pay for your unpaid credit? your medical bills, utility bills, mortgage and the funeral cost? Would you rather make your family or children suffer from your own debts OR take care of everything before the time comes? Just think about it.

This is just a peace of advise =)

02 February, 2008


Are you bored? Well, here's something for you - B-I-N-G-O... now you can play it online. When you Play Bingo Games, expect the unexpected. The very next moment you might be jumping out of your seat! You could be next in their long list of super jackpot winners! Players say the thrill of winning is incomparable. Just when you least expect it, a lucky bingo game card arrives on your screen and next thing you know, you're running around the house whooping for joy!

Sounds good and exciting to me. I love to play Bingo and I'm gald you can play it Online now, he-he. I also heard that Players have been returning to Bingot Play day after day, year after year, because they have fun playing bingo games online and enjoy the social environment inside the games. So get right in and start chatting! - - - I'll be there! And you never know who will be in a bingo room with you... it could be your neighbour, or your new best friend from the other side of the world.

HDTVs - Second Act

Okay, we have a projector with a huge screen in our living room, flat screen in our bedroom, and a regular one in my office room. But I'm not contented with the ones we have in our bedroom and my office. I want a big one, as big as our projector that covers the whole wall in my living room, hehe.

Just look at this one - Sleek huh! Nice.

If you guys are interested with this product, just go to http://www.secondact.com/category/promo/. They have tons of great deals on HDTV's. Check them out before its gone.

I heard Sedond Act from a friend of mine who actually purchased from them. And as per her, products are great although refurbished, associates are informative and very nice, transaction are quick and easy... and they offer warranty. Sound good to me!