27 April, 2008

Pinoy in Oklahoma

I just want you guys to know that I created a new Friendster Profile which is Pinoy In Oklahoma. Lately kasi I've been seeing and meeting new Filipinos here in Oklahoma so I thought maybe creating a profile like this would give us a chance to communicate with kapwa pinoy diba?

So far konti palang friends pero I'm sure dadami rin 'yan. Shaun told me yesterday to start a small community daw dito sa Durant, you know like meeting every month, organize gathering for special occassion or any event. I would love to do it but I will be needing a partner for that. But for now, Friendster lang muna tayo.

So guys, if you know anybody na PINOY na resident ng OKLAHOMA, please let them know na welcome sila.

Thanks a Million!

Url: http://profiles.friendster.com/pinoyoklahoma

E-Mail Address: pinoyoklahoma@yahoo.com

26 April, 2008

Few great news =)

I got some great news (for those who care, lol)

- I got my contact lenses already... Thank God! and thank you Shaun, mwah! I decided to see my eye doctor on Thursday afternoon, you know just for an annual check up. Then I decided to get contact lenses. I was lucky to get my first pair that same day, too bad for my office mate that she had to wait for 2 weeks. Now I can see well without my eyeglasses, but not as clear though. Eye glasses makes everything more sharp, but not with contact lenses. But all is good and my eyes are still adjusting to it.

- My boss assigned me to train the new girl in our office... I take that as a compliment, yepeey! Does this mean they trust that I know what I'm doing? LOL. And as for the guy who thinks he knows everything and was expecting that he'll train the new girl... he's upset, LOL. What worse was, he was giving me these outloud sarcastic compliment like "you did a good job Steph - she's doing great-you train so good" Oh come on, we know that was a bull crap comment. We knew that he was upset when our boss pointed me to train the new girl. Boss heard his comment and our boss compared us, I know it was wrong, very wrong, but our boss is not stupid as he think. Boss can tell that this guy always want to compete with me which is ridiculous. But oh well, lets just count that as another blessing.

- My sister is moving with us... wohooo! Its been like 4-5 years since I last saw her, long story. She's now in Hawaii with my two brothers and she'll soon be here on the 2ND week of May. As we all know, there's no such thing as "perfect sisterhood" - we had our conflicts and sweet moments too just like everybody else. I love my sister... plus Shaun's two sisters... haaay... am so blessed with 3 sisters and not to mention my 2 future sister in laws, though I haven't met them in person yet, I think we'll be great friends, just like we are now, we chat once in awhile.

Another great news is - YOU. yes YOU! You're one of my avid readers. Thank you so much for stopping by. I know that even I don't get any comment from you, I still see each person who stop and read, I have my eyes behind the web you know, LOL.

Anyway guys, thanks again and enjoy your weekend. Mwah!

14 April, 2008

People Search

I bet some of you have heard about people search through Spock.Com. You can search using either by their names, email address or tag (a descriptive term such as Princeton Alumni, Web Designer, Curly Hair, Settle, etc). Its really awesome. You can also see if they're on MySpace, FaceBook, Friendster and other networks. And when you get the result, you'll find their photos, the websites they're on, pretty neat.

Searching people online is so complicated, but wth Spock.Com, they're most likely accurate. I feel confident that Spock.com will be a huge success in the future and I urge everyone to stop in, join and search, whether you are searching for a particular person or for random tags to see what comes up, I believe you will be as impressed as I was.

13 April, 2008

Shaun's Birthday

He is now officially 28 years old, he he . Shaun had to work on his birthday but it got paid off last night. We went to Logan's with our family and close friends. Food was great, we had steak of course, yummy! I couldn't even finish the whole thing 'cause it was huge. It got a little bit chaos when our food was being served, just imagine 15 heads to serve, lol... I thought it was funny. Then while we're eating and chatting a group of Logan's crew came to us and ask who's the celebrant... Shaun got shy and he refused to give out his name, but we all did gave his name... mwahaha. Then this girl announced it and the crowd went "Wooohhaaaa" ... it was fun although Shaun got embarrassed.

Afterwards we went to Luke's Sports Bar. We played billiards, talk and enjoy the music live band. It sucked because I was not allowed to drink alcohol at the bar 'cause I was the D.D. But I did had one 22oz Ice Cold Flat Tire Beer at Logan's; and I forgot that it was a 6point beer, so I was like "hello you're in Texas now", lol. There were a little drama here and there but all went well afterwards.

Thank you to Mom, Dad, Jonathan, Brandon, Misty & kids, Mike, Tarina, Jodi, Sheri, Marcus and Regina; for joining us celebrate Shaun's birthday. It was fun and we hope you enjoyed it as well. Thank you also for our friends who sent him greetings.

Gosh - I'm so excited already for his 30th birthday, I have plans already but I won't tell yet, hihihi.

I took just a few photos last night, we were all busy chatting... hehe. You can check them out in Litrato, Friendster, Multiply and Myspace.

May you all have a wonderful weekend!

12 April, 2008

Hey Shaunie iz Yo Birthday!

Hey B - - - you have 2 more years honey!

I just want to tell you that "Mahal ng Mahal Kita" and how much I enjoy

my life with you and our babies. Everyday is always a challenge for us and I'm happy

to see us beat these challenges and move on to the next level.

I am so very proud of you Shaun - my love.

You always make everything as perfect as you can and as possible as it can be.

Your family loves and adores you.

You are a very kind and loving to your family.

Honest, fun and crazy to your friends.

I love you B - and I hope you enjoy your birthday today.

I pray to God to give you more strength, good health, happiness, success

and may He bless you with what you've been wanting for.

And oh yeah - - less wrinkle, hehe.

I love you B - your cold beer is waiting for you, hurry up or I'll drink it!

Hope you'll have fun tonight



On-Line Dating

I personally know a couple of friends who met their partners online and they're all doing great and having a good time with their kids, pretty much a "successful relationship". Although there are also online relationship that ended up horribly. I was never encouraged to join or even peep on any dating sites. To me its kinda' scary - this is just my own opinion. And I really don't think that such companies like eHarmony or Match.Com - would spend their entire time to do a background check... anybody can lie, even them, that's where they make money if you think about it. I say these because I recently met someone who jumped online and this person had no idea what she'll get into. Unfortunately, this person is now on a bad position (no details). Talking about brutally shocked!

I found a website that I think will help people to realize the pros and cons. Here you can get different opinions from other individuals. Stephany Alexander is a Dating Expert also a Relationship Expert - I love her, she is amazing. The world needs more woman like her. Here's the link... you better check it guys, very interesting and very TRUE! Woman Savers is very informative and very helpful not only to women but also for men. http://www.womansavers.com/datingrelationshipexpert.asp

I copied the video - - - you can watch it here.

09 April, 2008

Judging Others (that's what you get!)

An elephant asked a camel,"Why are your breasts on your back?"

"Well," says the camel,"I think that's a strange question from somebody whose wiener is on his face".

08 April, 2008

A Couple of News

We got busy over the weekend. Shaun's sister was in town Friday night and we took her out to eat at Salita's, our German friend dropped by for a beer also. Then we went to her place afterwards, played Wii and drink of course. Following day we ran home to work on our yard, it was tiring. I never thought that landscaping is a pain in the butt, lol, but it was fun. Then Saturday evening, we went to our new Filipino friends in Durant (Lhen, Jo, Rosalie and Sydney). They've been here for at least a year already. Shaun was happy to meet them, new friends, new people... at last! They're all nice and grabeh - they cook so good. Shaun loved the food. It was really fun and we promised them a steak cook out next time, its Shaun's turn to cook - I'll be the helper, hehe. We left their apartment around 2 a.m... yeah that late. I'm glad that Shaun enjoyed his time with them, its like they know each other already. We can't wait to hang out with them next time.

Not only that we have new friends in town, I have a new Aunt, she's a Filipina who is married to Shaun's uncle... am so happy. She's nice, very loving, real person (I can tell) and pretty just like "pamangkin" hehe. I can't wait to see her in person... soon - very soon Tita.

Taxes - I've been bitchin' about taxes few weeks back and I finally decided not to bitch anymore, LOL. Thank God there are auditors! we recently found out that there were entry errors on Shaun's payroll, so they filed a correction. In short - we don't have to pay too much and we get refund from Federal... damn State!

Anyway, I guess that's all for now. I took a 2 day off from work - wohoo!