29 November, 2010

Looking for a menorah that's a little different

Guest post written by Jordan Hughes

I like to take my own spin on things and do things differently whenever I can. It's not that I think I'm better than everybody else or anything like that, but I just like to do things differently and make the stuff that I do stand out. So I decided that this would be the year that I would get a new menorah that's just a little crazy and different for a change.

I've always used a really basic menorah that my mom gave me a long time ago and it was getting a little worn for wear anyway. I went online with my Providence Clear Wimax to try and find a different kind of one and there were actually all kinds of ones out there that I found on the internet!

I've decided on getting a Hanukkah menorah that's really glitterly and sparkly, which definitely fits my personality. I think that it will sparkle even more once I light the candles in it and all the glitter will reflect the light and look really cool.

27 November, 2010

Heading To Chicago For Thanksgiving

Guest post written by my buddy Thelma Roy

This Thanksgiving, our family will be driving to Chicago, Illinois to visit my sister and her family. I love Chicago during the holiday months because there is always so much to see and do, even though the weather is brisk and windy. Although my sister and her family do not live in the city of Chicago, they do live in a nearby suburb. We really can't wait to take a walk down the famed Michigan Avenue, which is otherwise known as the Magnificent Mile. At this time of year, they are gearing up for the Christmas season, and the store windows are decorated elegantly and beautifully. In addition to all the site seeing that we will do, I can't wait to sit down with my family for the traditional Thanksgiving dinner of turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, string bean casserole and cranberries. Also, my sister plans on making lasagna and a small ham. Of course after dinner and clean-up, there is nothing more to do except take a nice rest, while watching the holiday shows. Of course we will miss home, but there is nothing better than visiting family during the holiday season. Since I try to always be aware of safety, I will make sure to set my home security alarm (click here) before I go to visit my family on Thanksgiving, in Chicago.

19 November, 2010

Met My Best Friend at a Sidewalk Coffee House in L.A.

Content by Sol Rosales

I have been making good money on eBay auctions for years and found the best stress reliever when working is to pick up my laptop and get out of the house. The local coffee cafe in Sherman Oaks is my target destination for some fresh air, urban sounds and a connection with the outside world. Everyday I set my
ADT Home alarm and head out to greener pastures on Ventura Boulevard.

One day I was sitting at the outside tables and a bunch of guys piled in to the back sidewalk seating area. I was alone and noticed a nice gal sitting right in front of the group of rowdy guys, who were growing in numbers to about ten. Samantha was on her own, as I was, and she was also working online. I motioned for her to come to my quiet table at the other end of the cafe seating, and we worked independently for a while on our
projects. Then I shared with her my eBay endeavors and we really hit it off and became fast friends. Samantha and I can talk about anything and she is a real soul mate for a lifelong friend. You never know when a special person is just around the corner, so my best advice is to keep your senses aware and give people a chance.