26 March, 2007

Inter - Inter

Inter-Office-Memo - - -
What a boring Monday. Sitting and waiting for emails, inquiries and bunch of stuff that usually comes from the merchants... talking about reports. Anyway, I am so bored, nothing to do for now. My mind tells me to make plans for Easter Sunday. My eyes tells me to sleep, I need a nap. My stomach is growling and telling me to run Stephanie... run!!!! yuk! ha-ha.

I didn't get to sleep long enough last night and now I feel crap. I feel like I have a hang over. Plus, my weight is bothering me so bad. I know I had to do something about it but I can not motivate myself in any way. I want to register for PRT (Body Building Workout) and TaeBo Aerobic. Eventually I will but not until my hubby get a chance to do it at the same time. He is super busy on his project and can not even have time to take me out for special dinner, he-he... but he loves me and takes care of me always so I have no complains.

I’m Home - - -
Above post was composed while I was at work doing nothing the whole afternoon, he-he. Now I’m home with my babies and my honey bee Shaun. I’m about to sign off, kick back and relax, maybe a little massage from my honey… hihihi.

Have a Good Evening everybody!

24 March, 2007

Long Story for A Long Time

I’m back! I don’t know where to start… hmmm… lem’e see… This will be a random story and this is going to be long so grab yourself a cup of coffee… he-he.

Travel - - -
Visit to the Philippines still on our list. We really want to push it this year and we are just waiting for the right time. Since Shaun and his company will engaged a new contract with a new 5 Star Hotel company… that lives us hanging as of the moment.

Speaking of travel, last weekend was a blast. We spent our weekend in Oklahoma City with Shaun’s sisters and brother in-law. We started partying on Friday evening and I turned out as “K.J” (Kill Joy) to myself. I had been suffering from headache everyday and every night for a couple of weeks now. But anyway, we had fun… my sister Chasty got really drunk. Shaun got drunk too of course. Before that, we went to Cimarron Steak House, yummy! The best steak I’ve ever had… well… Shaun’s home made steak is the best of all he best (he-he… love you babe)

I didn’t get to see our friends Krish and Ben that night ‘cause they were in Bricktown while we were shooting pool. We ended our Friday party at a Karaoke bar… we didn’t sing… we just watched people sing with a spirit of alcohol, he-he.

Saturday morning, we had our breakfast at Ihop… Delicious! Then to Cross Road mall afterwards… oh wait… we went back to the hotel ‘cause somebody had to poop so bad, ha-ha. (Do I really have to say that?)

At the mall, we shopped and looked around. I felt like I’m in the Philippines. I can not exchange that exciting feeling for anything… it feels like home. The mall, the people, the good food, the shopping, the buildings, the busy highway… I miss City but I’m happy where I am right now… I just miss being a City girl again.

I bought Shaun his first gift for his birthday next month. He’d wanted a white gold ring so he got it and he loves it. Oh yeah, I met a Filipina girl at Dillards and her home town is also in Leyte so that’s more exciting. She invited us to visit them the next time we go to Oklahoma City… and we will. After the long chatting we had to say our “paalam” and up we went to Bricktown. We took a few photos here and there. Most of the party photos are in Shaun’s phone and I didn’t get to upload them yet. Anyway, we first went to see the movie 300… it was okay and not as great as we were expecting. Now the theater was awesome… and again, it reminded me of the Philippines... he-he

Then bar hop. We watched Live Rock Music Band while sipping green beer, a lot of people of course. I guess we just got hungry because we missed lunch, so we had Mexican cuisine and my food was alright. I ordered a lot of coffee too… weirdo… ha-ha. Then, bar hop again and drink.

Yes I had a couple of beer, average of 3 bottles. That’s how I cut off from drinking. There’s this one bar, I just don’t remember of the name. They have like 50 to 80 different draft beer and most are imported. Brandon, my brother in law, ordered 2 pitcher of this nasty beer. I tell you what… it was nasty at first… but OMG the effect was awesome! Shaun told me the next morning I was shooting pool with darts on my hand, ha-ha.

The night was too young for us so we hopped again and again and again… the party didn’t stop until we got hungry. We stopped at Sonic, grabbed some burgers and back to hotel. The next morning, we had our breakfast at Cracker Barrel, better that Ihop. Then we went to Mom’s afterwards and went back to Bennington Oklahoma were we belong! he-he

Weekend party was great and can’t wait ‘till next year!

Work - - -
A week ago, before they posted an inter-office hiring; a clerk from shipping department tried to convince me to transfer. Of course she told me a lot of good things like overtimes and better incentives. Why should I transfer if I am already in the best department ever! Ha-ha. Everybody hates inventory control and I have a feeling that some operations personnel does not even want to hear from us. Shoot, even auditors hated us because they always think we give them more work to do (not true). It is all the merchants fault… ha-ha. Oh well… get over it and just do it, the last time I checked… you guys applied to have a job, and to keep the job you better work to get paid… correct? Oh well… I just can’t understand some people.

Babies - - -
Isha is growing like a weed. She is now potty trained. She loves to play every morning and biting is her favorite game, ha-ha. This morning I just found out that she hated my printer and won’t stop barking to it. And she is freaking serious too, ha-ha. She loves to sneak out and eat Kimber’s and Lolah’s food (Cats) and I hate to see that because Shaun told me it’ll make her sick. Not that sick-sick, she’s just going to have a bad gas and no one wanted that, he-he. We will bring her to the veterinarian today to have her second set of vaccine or whatever you call it.

Kimber and Lola are still the same… gaining weight as usual. They don’t play too much anymore since we had Isha.

Home - - -
Shaun bought a projector that goes with 92 inches pull down screen. First I though it will be disappointing because as far as I know, projectors sucks! But I was wrong… we love it, it’s like watching a movie in theater. Not to mention the surround sound, oh my goodness, I hate that thing, I feel like I’m going to explode, ha-ha. Anyway… it’s awesome and we have already recommended the product to some of our friends.

My kitchen’s make over still pending, I haven’t even started it yet but it’s coming… soon. I have decided to do my office room first… it’s a mess and I want to have a different look to it.

We are redoing our living room floor from carpet to wood or may vinyl or something.

What a project… ha-ha.

Good News - - -

- One of my bes friends Liezl sent me an email to inform me that she is 3 months pregnant.

- Che-Che one of my best friends as well, she will be having her baby anytime this month and I can’t wait to hear from her.

- Shaun and I are going to Dallas to meet up with Dharl and Sarah, of course with their family as well. I’m just so excited.

- My sister in law Mae Ann had her baby (my nephew) on the 2nd of March and he look so adorable and very good looking baby like my brother.

- I finally got over with Chinese Food Craving

- I gained new friends over the past week

That's all from now... I hope you all had excited and fun weekend too.

04 March, 2007

Never Again

We had company last Friday evening. We had a great time. As usual... we drink and chat and bullshit. But worst thing had happened to me and I don't even want to think about it 'cause it makes me gag.

I got sick from drinking too much. I puked all day the following day.. imagine 12 hours puking, had a head ache, can't eat, can't drink. I knew I was suffering from dehydration so I kept pushing myself to drink a lot of liquid but It didn't helped any. Apparently my stomach doesn't want anything. So I cried like a kid, looking for my mama, I'd wished she was here.

I felt better after I drank Slim-Fast, I slept very well. I thank God for making me feel better. In fact, from this day forward I will not drink alcohol anymore.

I promised that to myself and to myself only... I WILL NEVER DRINK AGAIN... NEVER! that includes SMOKING!

Anak Ng Tilapia

Yummy! This is what I had on my lunch last Friday. It was my day off and Shaun was at work so I decided to prepare a filipino dish for my self. Tilapia served with white rice, soy sauce and coffee for sabaw, he-he. did you notice that there's no spoon and fork? yep... I used my "kamay" to eat this fried yummy tilapia. Feels like home.