11 November, 2005

My first day wasn’t bad. I met a new friend, she’s nice and she’s at the same age as mine. We were hoping that the both of us will be assigned in one department. But it came out that I belong from different department. First we filled out some papers works then orientation of everything… which you all know it’s boring. Then they gave us a lot of break time, of course we enjoyed it because I’m sure starting on Monday… everything will change. It was fun though. Last they gave us a tour. Well mine was one-on-one with my boss. Then before I left the building, he talked to me and told me that he changed a little bit something on the agreement. He’s putting me on a higher position. I was like… WOW… but at the back of my head… SHIT! Too much job!

So, I’m excited to report on Monday. Thank you to all who believes that I can do this. Sarah and Cathy… thank you.

10 November, 2005


Back at my hometown, me and my family gather around and celebrate 3 occasions in one big party. Papa and Bro Art’s birthday; and my parents wedding anniversary; it’s always been fun ever since and it’s just sad because I’m not there to see it. I remember the last 2 years, I prepared something for the party, and so as my brothers. Though I’m not there to celebrate it with them, I wish them all happiness and peace in life. I pray that God will always be with them and watch them for me. I miss them so much already.

Enough with the drama, I don’t want to cry this time because each day I live there’s always a good thing that happens. Yesterday, Miss Diane called me to inform me that I needed to report on Friday, which is tomorrow. I’m happy, my husband is happy, his family is happy and Sarah (my friend) is happy to hear the good news. I’m a little bit nervous but I think I’ll be fine. I just need to be myself and wait and see what will happen next. I honestly don’t know what kind of environment that I’m going in… but I know God have already planned it. All these are blessings from God and I thank Him with all my heart.

Okay… so ‘till the next time. Thank you for the time my friend.

07 November, 2005


I'm so bored and don't know what to do, aside from waiting for my honey. I have an appointment with my eye doctor then have my eye glasses... then go back home... then I'll be bored again. Haaayyy.
Can't wait to hear from BiGLoTs!!! They offered Quality Auditor position 2 weeks ago and I had my screen test last Friday, so we're guessing they'll call me anytime this week.
Still am bored... LOL.