29 August, 2007

Heat Stroke

OMG, I think am going to have one. Our air conditioning unit went out again for the 3rd time. It was so hot last night and I couldn't sleep. I think I only had like 3-4 hour sleep. Then, my dogs kept waking me up 'cause they're hot too. I hate to leave them in the house without air conditioning but we can't do anything yet. Shaun had to go to town and get the part he needed.

Anyway guys... how your week? Mine?.... sucks! I'm depressed and confused. LOL... I can't even say it. But I'll be fine... besides its only Wednesday.

Have a Good One guys! (More photos coming up this weekend)

26 August, 2007

Weekend Fun and Tragic

We invited Mike and Tarina to watch a movie yesterday with us in Sherman. Unfortunately we didn't make it to the theater. First, we stopped at Starbucks then we drove around town to look for a nice BBQ place. Shaun and I were craving for meat (steak and bbq) so bad. After 30 minutes of resto-hunting, we've finally found this place called "Crakle and Oink" BBQ place. all I can say is .... WOW! The babyback ribs was "Oh So Yummy". The place actually inspired me to build a place like that in the Philippines, I bet it'll click 'cause people loves pork meat! Yum-Yum. Anyway, after we had this healthy greasy food (LOL) we went to LUKES bar. Played pool, chat, drink and all. Then we realized we're too buzzed up to watch a movie. So we decided to go to Mikes place and drink. We played this game Halo 2... it was fun. We can't wait for Halo 3 to come out.

Then tragic happened. Shaun and Mike went out of the house to have a boys talk while Tarina and I were inside talking. When Tarina realized that Toby (her dog) was outside, she immediately ran out and looked for her. All of a sudden she came back crying. I asked her why and she told me "Toby got hit by a car". I felt all my energy went gone. I was just playing with Toby earlier and here they're saying he's dead??? It was sad, Tarina fell apart. I can understand why... I had the same feelings when my first puppy died. But we can't bring them back... we just wished it didn't happened. TOBY... WE'RE GOING TO MISS YOU.

21 August, 2007

Perfect Get-Away

In case some of you were wondering where I was for the past few days; we were out of town and here's a little story of our Get-Away weekend. Shaun and I had a very great time and we love the place... it was so beautiful. The place that Shaun and I will never forget... MEDICINE PARK, OKLAHOMA.

Day 1 - - -

Left Durant at 2:30 p.m. and though it rained on us we still kept on driving. We can tell that both of us were so excited to see the place, just the way we act. We rented Lulabelle's Cobblestone Cottage. More Photos in L~i~t~r~a~t~r~o. The cottage was cute, very clean and very peaceful. Not to mention the owner was so thoughtful and very helpful. After an hour rest we walked to Medicine Park Music Hall (no web site yet) and had a couple of beer while enjoying the fresh air breeze and the sound of the running river (hanep, sarap ng feeling!). Then, we walked back to Riverside Cafe (no web site yet). They had delicious food and the service was awsome. I had grilled Mahi-Mahi, I had to try it 'cause I never had Mahi-Mahi before and I loved it. Shaun had Chicken Fried Steak... big steak and it tasted so good too! I considered that night as a romantic moment for us 'cause we enjoyed the outdoor view and we enjoyed our conversation. Then we went back to the Cottage and watched "Just Like Heaven" (so romantic) I would never forget that evening.

Day 2 - - -

Because of too much excitement, I woke up at 7:00 a.m., had a cup of coffee and watched "Something's Gotta Give" movie. Then we drove to town to get something to eat for breakfast... and yeah it was raining... but not hard. We still had the chance to roam around, sight seeing and took some photos. We went shopping first ofcourse, he-he.

Shops that we visited on Day 2:

Purple Parrot

Mount Scott was closed on Saturday because of the rain. But there were few people hiked though it wasn't safe. Shaun was disappointed 'cause he wanted to bring me up to the very top of the mountain. So we went sight seeing instead. We saw bulls, buffalo, eagles and prairie dogs. I have a video clip of the prairie dog but the capture was not great, but I'd still like to share. (Video Clip: PRAIRIE DOG)

Then went to see the The Holy City of the Wichitas . They have a big statue of Jesus on top of the hill. Every April they celebrate Holy Week... just like in the Philippines. We checked out their gift shop and they have pretty good selections. Afterwards, we went to Meers town to try the BEST BURGER in the United States, the place was called "Meers Store and Restaurant". You can tell how very old the building was. It was actually scary 'cause it can collapse anytime without knowing, hehe. There's no small in that restaurant, the burger was huge, lots of french fries and I tried the green friend tomatoes... they're so good. And we also tried Meer's Beer... taste like Red Horse Beer in the Philippines. My dessert was home made Snickers Chocolate Fudge... yummy! Then we went back to the cottage and rest for a few hours and got ready for another night time explore. There's a walking distance bar across our cottage named Park Tavern. Although it was already late night and rainy (sucks) we drove to the Winery but we got lost... LOL. So we just went back to the cottage and sleep.

Day 3 - - -

Gosh, it was sunny. So we hurried to pack our things, got a chance to stopped at the Winery of Wichita; went out for more sight seeing and finally... we were able to drove up to the mountain. See photos in BUCKNERS multiply. It is so beautiful up there. As we drove back home, we stopped at Turner Falls (turned out as super public swim spot). I didn't liked it so Shaun brought me to Sulphur river... the place was awsome. I love the water, very cool, fresh and clear... at least doon may privacy ng konte.... and medyo class... ha-ha. Then drove ulit to Blue River... nice place also, but I prefer to swim in Sulphur... I fell in love with the place.

Then we're back home... and enjoyed the taste of wine before we went to bed.

So that was it... there's more fun actually, it's just so hard to put everything in words. We have a bunch of photos, I will upload them as soon as I get a chance.

Thank You so much for reading! Mwah!

20 August, 2007

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13 August, 2007

Baby Shower and Housewarming

We drove to Ada Saturday afternoon to help Shaun's sister in moving. She now lives in Fresco, on this 4 bedroom beautiful house, beautiful yard and very nice, clean and peaceful neighborhood. She's so excited and the kids love it. She had her housewarming that night, it was fun! Following Sunday we attended Lucky's Baby Shower.<~~ just click and you'll see few photos taken. They said that baby showers are normally for ladies only, but Lucky's dad was there and so as her husband. Shaun was invited as well, he felt okward though but he survived. We had cake (taste so good), snacks and we had games too. The game that I like most was when the host asked us to draw a number, and whatever number you get, let's say 4, you had to write a birthday letter for the baby's 4th year birthday. You have to write anything inpirational or wishes, it could be funny or anything you can think of that a kid would understand when he gets to that age. Then, on his birthday, the mom has to open the letter we gave her and have to read it to him. I remember there were like 15 participants, so Lucky has to read the 1st letter on his 1st birthday, the 2nd letter on his 2nd year birthday and until he gets 15. I think that was cute. I would love to host a baby shower next time.

Before we left, Lucky's grandma gave me a hug and told me ( and note that everybody was listening, lol)... "Stephanie... you know I have two grand kids that are now teenagers. I think I'll have to ship them to the Philippines and bring back a beautiful lady like you"

OMG... humaba hair ko... ha-ha-ha. She kept saying that "Filipinas are so beautiful" Go sisters! Pinay is beautiful inside and out!!! Go-Go-Go! ha-ha. Okay, I'll take this as a compliment, but to me, everybody's beautiful... except for the one who insulted my mom. She's the ugliest monkey I've ever seen. Pasimba-simba pa ang lokaret (lol) , pa angel effect.

Anyhow, after the Baby Shower, we stopped at Chili's to dine. As usual, we're not happy with the service, so lastnight I went to their website and submit a complain. And guess what happened to me after that? I had a very bad "po-ro-rot" gosh, sakit ng tiyan ko. I didn't get anough sleep lastnight so I had to call in sick today to take care of myself.

I guess that's all for now, I'm going back to bed and rest. Talk to you guys later! Mwah!

Hey guys, have anyone heard from SANDY?

11 August, 2007

Wanna Be Shit

I was chatting with my sister a minute ago and I found out that "somebody" insulted my mom by sending her a "gift" that looked like TRASH. What's up with that? My sister brought it to a tailor hoping he can change the material to make it look better.... but guess what the tailor said "there's no way I can fix this, you'd rather buy a new one". That's how bad the condition of the purse was... how awful. My mom is not a picky person when it comes to receiving gifts, in fact she will thank you for it. But the fact that sending her a trash purse and her family gets all the new ones... that is too much of an insult. What does she think of my mom? I am so freaking mad right now. If only I can stretch my arm to where she is right now... I'll slap her to death. That's how mad I am right now.

Who the fuck she think she is? Gosh... we both came from the same country and I know her old life style... what a social climber. Living in the United States won't change you nothing. You may have adopted a few of American culture but you ain't different. What gets me though is... she'll show off all her so-called "Original and Expensive" fashion galore (or stuff) where infact almost all of the items are like 70% discount from a cheap store and all are imitation. What an ignorant bitch! Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong of buying inexpensive things for ourselves. I myself loves to shop especially when there's a huge sale.The only time I buy expensive things is when the item is original and when I love the style. Other than that, I go for sale or clearance item. But I don't brag about it and make lie stories like she does.

I don't care about her life and I wished she never been part of our lives either since nobody liked her anyway. But we tried to ignore her and let her stupidity slip and forget all about it. But she pushed us in the edge. NEVER INSULT or OFFEND MY FAMILY you dumb shit.

Sorry guys, I just need to burst out my anger. Thanks for reading anyway.


07 August, 2007

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