18 May, 2008

Moi Lately

Wow, since my sister arrived from Hawaii, I've been busy all the time, but I'm happy and I enjoyed everything we do... its so much fun. We didn't had a welcome party or anything for her but we did went out on her first Friday. Shaun was already at the bar since 4PM that day, then Misty called so we decided to meet Shaun at the bar. We had fun of course, and I missed Misty also so we chat all night and went to bed like 4am, lol.

The next day, Shaun, Marie and I went to Sherman, TX. We shopped and we shopped...lol. And the shopping didn't stop 'till yesterday, I missed all these and now I am enjoying it. I love it.
Then last night, we went to our Filipino friends in Durant and they drink 'till they hit the floor. Food was great and we had a blast. Shaun had fun and he really enjoys their company. He was hitting Tiquilla, Beer and Whiskey... just imagine what happened after that, LOL.

I'm so happy - really happy. Thank you LORD!

Well, got to get off here, thanks for droppin' by... just check our my new pics, mwah!

06 May, 2008

Indian Translation

I met a new friend from work and she's a foreigner like me. She's from India and it's a little bit hard to understand their language 'cause it was totally way off my vocabulary, LOL. Well, I promised her that I'll do some research and learn her dialect, and I found this website http://www.iaflindia.com/

Now I can cheat, hehe. I can translate India - easy! Even Hindi and Arabic... I can do all that through iaflindia.com.

Come to think of it, I think we all should learn their dialect, I just heard that Call Centers are booming in India - who knows, maybe one day we decide to move there.

03 May, 2008

Excited To The Max

As I mentioned earlier about my sister moving with us... I am so excited. I'm fixing t clean her room today so everything will be ready when she gets here. I have already set plans for the next weekend. Shoot, I even filed days off... LOL. I just can't wait to see her and I bet we're going to have a never ending chikka, lol.

By the way, I want to say thank you for those who joined Pinoy In Oklahoma. I'm looking for a nice give-away for those who accepted my request. Tonight, we'll start the Group Discussion, I can't wait. Gosh there's so many great things going on lately.

We got our Tax Refund yesterday, Jodi and Sherrie called us to have a get together and plan what to do on the 4Th of July, we still have to call Shaun's sisters about it. And we'll celebrate my sister's birthday on the same day, wow. Then, I will be participating to organize a baby shower for our friend Lhen, her due is on September, so we have a lot of time to plan.

I'm so excited really - this means I don't need coffee anymore, LOL. Anyway, time to get off here, Shaun wants to go to Sherman and see if we can find him "Fat Boy Harley Bike" well, that's his gift for himself for working so hard at work and at home. I love you Babe.

Love you all!

I Signed Up for PPP


Almost all of my friends online are doing PayPerPost and they're statements are very encouraging. So I told myself "why not?". I control my own time and when I get home I won't get bored sitting and watching drama shows, lol. Instead I can get online and work for PayPerPost at my convenient time. And I love blogging - and who doesn't? especially when they say "Get Pay To Blog"

What I'm going to do with the money? well - I guess if I keep blogging like everyday... I would save it to buy me something that I really love to have (secret, he he). I guess I'll save it and have my own domain, hehe.

I think I will enjoy PPP because its so much fun and its not only you blog, you'll also discover the new things over the net, make friends... just like I did. But let's face the fact, most people joined PPP because of the Money, which is true. Not only that, PPP is the number one Online Money Making for people like us.

I want to thank my friends who encouraged me to join PPP and of course, thanks to PPP... now I won't get bored! Plus... I make money on my spare time.

More Power PPP =)