28 February, 2009

Safety First

It's been busy all week at the office, we're all trying to push to open the business to public next month. I've been working on the inventory and safety of our employees on the field. After searching different online company's for supplies we need, I found Safety Supply America. They've got all we needed. From Safety Glasses to FR Cotton Coveralls... they have it. They even have NFPA 70E Flame Resistant Clothing and FR Clothing. All I need is wait for them to deliver, thank God they exist, lol.

Anyway, this is one of the reason I've been on and off the net world - busy, busy, busy.

15 February, 2009

Nothing is more important than you

We celebrated the hearts day in a different way this year. No special gifts and we didn't dine out like we used to do. We decided to hang out at Shaun's office and played E.Q. and did some research on different things. Then we ordered food from Romas Italian Restaurant. It was very nice, we get to chat more and spent time more to each other, it was fun. Drauka, his puppy was with us too.

But before all this happened, I came to his office with a surprise. A box of chocolate, a musical stuff toy, which I always love to have and of course a card that I think it's cute and sweet. All these are perfect, I don't need a diamond or gold, or any material things... all I wanted is HIM and the time he spent with me. I am more in love with him each day we live and I will always love him 'till my last breath.

This is us on any occasion or even on ordinary days, LOL