29 August, 2006

Something to Grap

Pretend - - -
I am tired of pretending that I like you. I want to be mean to you but I can't because I care about the people around you. I am being nice to you because they asked me to... And how can I say no to them? You are the first person that insulted me and made me want to leave this country. But I thought... Why should I be affected by such an ignorant person? I told them how I feel for you... They know how resentful I am when it comes to you, shit... I don't even care if I don't see you anymore. Who cares? I am a nice and friendly person, believe me... But when somebody tries to step on my shoe... You better hide 'cause this girl won't tolerate bullshit. Yes you are sweet but hell... You are so annoying to everybody. I bet you never noticed that, do you? You know what, you are just so lucky that somebody cares for you, somebody fell for you but seriously, who gives a shit. You also think you are so smart... "smart my ass"! If you're smart enough you should just shut up. Yeah... Shut the hell up! We don't want to hear stories about other people's privacy... Just keep the garbage to yourself. (ching!) Now my angel just whispered that you can't be trusted by anyone. You are a Bad News carrier.

Co-Worker - - -
Fine-fine you're older than I am, who gives a shit! You don't even know what Bluetooth is, ha-ha. And you are telling everyone that you are a computer geek? Shut up you brown nose. You said you can build websites and you even offered to assist me... Ahem, thanks but no thanks. You don't even know what HTML stands for, ha-ha. You're so full of shit. Last week, you came to work and told everybody that somebody gave you a car, you expect us to believe that? Come on... We're not blonde... Actually you are! ha-ha. Who in the world would just give up a good car? Maybe somebody who's stupid as you, hehe. Oh well... Just keep on telling stories... The more you talk the more you look ignorant.

Good News - - -
Vista!!! Well I can't say it here but yeah... I have Vista! And it's freaking awesome! Now I am one of the advanced W-users...He-he

Cancelled - - -
WOW - "World of War Crap". We only tried it for 2 weeks, sorry guys but it's fuggeng suck! Characters are so cartoony and OMG, even a 6 year old kid can play it. There is no challenge. Not like Everquest - - - freaking awesome.

21 August, 2006

All or Nothing

Darn! I thought “Scary Movie 4” was better than the last one, shoot… everything was lousy. I just wasted my time waiting for that movie. Dr. Phil and Shaq? I like them both but shit… the acting was terrible. I’d rather watch the reality show… ha-ha. But, I enjoyed watching Bring it On! (All or nothing) I like the first two of Bring It On, this one is alright, and I love it. We also watched Ultraviolet… hmmm… it was okay, nothing special but I missed a big part of the movie though, ‘cause while watching I was also talking to my friends at the same time. When I went back in the living room the movie was almost finished so I lost everything. Shaun said it was alright but not as good as we were expecting.

Anyway, goodbye Bacon tomorrow but I doubt we’ll bring her up to town, when I checked her this evening she couldn’t walk. I though maybe I’ll just let her go and set her free. I feel bad for my little (I mean big) Piggy. But we can’t have her around anymore. Oh well, I hope she’ll be alright.

Got to run… its 12 midnight and I have to get up at 4am. I hope tomorrow won’t be a long day at work.

20 August, 2006

Just Anything

I have so many thoughts in mind that I want to share (oh-ow) but too lazy to type, but here I am, sitting and making plans for my projects. Have a little hang-over from last night. Chasty, Misty and Brandon came down and we had a great time. They played poker and I just watched 'cause I have no idea how to play it and I don't have the eagerness to learn (for some reason). But I had fun though. Misty and I was the last one to stand, we went to bed like 6:00am. But before the "sister-brother-hood" session, Shaun took me out for dinner at Chili's in Durant. It was awesome and the food was great (thank you baby, Love you). Well, Shaun and I had a couple of beers since Friday so our weekend was really a blast. Shit... my friend was right, I am an alcoholic (I don't care).

My little kitty "Figaro" is not with me anymore. Misty brought it home with her. I love that kitten but I can't have another one no more. I have enough spoiled cats already and Shaun doesn’t care much for that kitten anyways. So might as well give her to somebody that will give her the best care she needs. I'm going to miss that little kitty.

Puppy... yeah I am going to get one soon but shit... it's like $800.00 for the real pure German Shepherd. what I am worried about too is who's going to watch her while we're all at work? I guess we'll figure that out later.

Well, that's another boring story, I'm just not in the mood doing this at all, but I miss posting though.

Please people, encourage me!!!!

By the way, thank you for the people who added me on their MySpace, Friendster and Multiply friends list.

08 August, 2006

Long Day I guess

Let me say that I had a very long day at work today. But it got paid off after my boss called me to his office for my job evaluation and I should be happy about it because they gave me an outstanding rating. *A slice cake for me he-he* But, some freaking retard gave me a bad headache right before we left the office (long story).

I took an hour nap and now I feel great. I thought I’m going to get sick or something… ang sakit kasi ng lalamunan ko kanina, as in. Anyways, I am here now, facing my bubba, enjoying my favorite sites and guess what, I found a new site that has a couple of new funny video clips. I have uploaded clips on LITRATO link (see below); you may want to check it out.

I have so many things going in my mind right now. I have so many projects but I haven’t started any of them yet. One of them is repainting my kitchen. We already know what theme we wanted; we actually have the color sample with us, yet… I am not sure when will I start. Now, I am looking for wall paintings, I am into “abstract”. I found a few of them already and I have decided where to place them, but first I have to make up my mind what color should I have in my office before I actually buy them.

Shaun and I have been busy at work (as usual). We don’t have extra time to waste but we are actually planning to have an Out Of State Vacation on October… maybe. Well, if we can’t make it on October, we’ll probably just visit my Aunt in Missouri on Thanksgiving or Christmas. We don’t know yet but eventually, we are having vacation this year.

Tah-tah… I guess that’ll be it for now... maybe tomorrow I'll have an excitng day.