30 January, 2007


Grrrr................ confusing as hell!!!!!!

22 January, 2007

Almost There

Yepee, finally, we are going to purchase our tickets anytime this week; then we can set everything from there. I'm ready to shop presents this weekend, oh boy I love shopping.

Tomorrow I'll be staying home. I filed my last 13 hour vacation leave before the fiscal year ends. I already informed my boss about my travel to the Philippines and he really wants me to bring fried lumpia when I get back. I forgot to mention, my boss used to be in the military and was stationed in Subic for a couple of months and one of his favorite delicacies is lumpia. When he was giving me an interview we spent most of our time chatting about the living and food in the Philippines. I wonder??? maybe he hired me because of Lumpia, ha-ha. But anyway, yeah... he likes us to bring some but I'm not sure if it will make it to the office, it won't be enough for me and Shaun, he-he.

I am so excited! (did I said that again?) ha-ha.

Last night I was chatting with my college friend for just a short minutes. I was not happy about her last statement. Because of time difference we are not able to go on line at the same time. When I told her that I need to get off 'cause I had to get up early, she acted weired about it. She said non-sense statements and obviously she got mad. She said awful things that I tend to ignore. I had no idea why she being like that... she's a freak! Alright now Stephanie... shush!

My weekend was great though. Mike and Tarina came over, as usual, Rip and Laugh... that's all we did, he-he. Thanks guys!

I guess I need to go, na-e-e-bak na ako kanina ko pa pinipigilang, uurrrgghhh

17 January, 2007


Special Mention... Ate G. - - -
Oh well, I guess have no choice but to update my blog just because you might drop by, he-he.
How are you Ate G? Long time no hear? The last time I spoke to you was like centuries ago, ha-ha. I never heard from you since I left the Philippines. Hope you're doing fine where ever you are c",)
You have my contact information so... just give me a holla!

Long Lost Friends - - -
I finally found my elementary classmates through friendster. It's so cool and I'm so excited to hear from them again. I can not believe I would have a chance to get in touch with them. I've searched for them for so many times and they're the one who found me, he-he.

Vacation - - -
So far few of our plans have changed because of some unexpected circumstances. But we really want to visit this year; Shaun is looking at May and to me I think the best time is August. Yesterday my father in-law told me that they wanted to come. I think its pretty cool and I hope they do so they can finally meet my family. Right now we're excited for trip but we don't know what to expect. We just hope our friends will be there for the party. We'll have two parties; one in Leyte with my family and friends; and one in Cebu for our friends in Sykes. I bet it'll be fun and I bet we'll be broke when we get back 'cause I'm going to shop a lot... that's 100% positively confirmed sure... he-he.

Boo-Boo - - -
I started my day at work with a boo-boo. It was not a big deal for them but to me it is. I've always want my job perfect as it can be. I thought it ends there... but oh crap! Before my day ended I got a call from a client and asking so many stuff ; so I id some research. I supposed to call them today but nah... they can wait 'till tomorrow, he-he. I just hope tomorrow won;t be as bad as today... I hate it.

Weather - - -
It's pretty cool. They said there's going to be a second round of ice storm tonight; and this weekend will be bad. Oh well... we can't stop mother nature. Let's just enjoy a cup of coffee.

I guess that's about it for now... I'm just doing this for Ate G... he-he. Just kidding Ate Gilda... hope to hear from you soon.

For Shaun my honey... just want to say thank you so much for being so sweet always... I love you and I miss you already.

14 January, 2007

How You Doin'

It’s been awhile since my last post. I’ve always been telling myself to post something but my butt was just so lazy to get up. Plus my internet connection is aggravating for the past few months; Shaun is not happy about it either. So I guess we can consider that as a good excuse for not updating my blog, he-he.

Though I missed my blogging, a lot of good things had happened since my last post. I’ve finally got in touch with my elementary classmate via Friendster. The good thing is, she still connected with the Alumni so there you go… another pile of friendship again… yepeey! I really can’t wait to hear from the others. I still want to meet some of my college friends but to be honest High School is the best time of my life; but college is fun too.

Those are only one of the exciting events I had. There were bad moments too but I think it was stupid. But anyhow, I hope everybody are having a good evening and hope this week will be a good one for you.

As for Oklahoma… still icy.

03 January, 2007

Another Day @ Work

We're back to 8 hours a day (Yepeey)... but only for a short while. I've heard the project will pick up again on the 18th this month. Its good to work 60-80 hours a week but I believe that we need this break; for a week or two at least. Yeah, as I've said, we're back to 8 hour.
Right now I'm waiting for my beloved husband. But that's alright, it gives me time to work on my on-line hobby. I like it better here at Dad's office 'cause it's faster... (Wild Blue Sucks).
Anyway... that's all I can say for now. By the way, I haven't uploaded the photos and videos... I supposed to do it last night but I was busy playing with Shaun's XBox 360... it's fun!

02 January, 2007


Piece Of Shit - - - Damn it!
I love my computer to death but its been acting crazy lately. Since I got my iPod and Scanner/Printer and had to install the stupid software that goes with it, my system started freaking out. So I have to reformat my bubba (my PC's name) when I get a chance... damn it!
I hate My Space; why? because its fucking retarded, LOL. Every time I go to their site my virus detector tells me its that the site is not safe; plus its giving me a lot of virus blah-blah, then when you reject any of that offer the window will automatically close. I knew this would happened. All I want is to upload my photos and videos... damn it!
What is going on with friendster? I used to have my own css for my profile, then I accidentally clicked one of their design and kaboom... my profile looks like a freaking golf pants. Then now I have a different profile design... I did not even do any edition or anything shit. Are you guys trying to be like myspace? Come on Friendster... stay unique... damn it!
Multiply; all I can say is WOW... "With Or Without" - With fast photo and video upload but Without other options like others. Let's just say they're unique... I like them so far.

New Year

Year of the Pig - - -
No wonder I'm getting fat and lazy... ha-ha. Based on my horoscope this year will be the best time for me to move forward to an upper level... invest while you can (yeah baby) How ironic... Shaun was just thinking of getting a small place for a bar, he-he. Anyway.... HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone.

New Years Eve - - -
We celebrated our New Year's Eve at Misty's... well actually in a bar close to her place. First we drink a couple of beer, Shaun's Killer Punch and a few shots of Tequila Jello (I'm not sure if I said it right). Then we played "Imagine If" board game... it was hilarious but we wanted more excitement so we decided to go the bar. I've wanted to go to Ada 'cause I haven't been to any of their bars/clubs yet. Anyway... the place was so crowded and loud. It was Karaoke night (no Juke Box - sucks) and guess what? It was the first time I saw Shaun sang karaoke in public... I think it was cool. We all had fun!!!

Shaun was extremely disappointed when the bar tender called for the "Last Call". Meaning we had to order the beer before a certain time and get the hell outta here!. So back to Misty's place... we continued our party there... we have a lot of photos and video shots, I will upload them once I feel like it, he-he.

All in all... New Year was great... though I missed my friends and family so bad.

College Football (Fiesta Bowl) - - -
I've only been here in the U.S. for two years and I'm beginning to turn into OU Fan. I like watching their games although I'm clueless when it comes to the Rules. Last night was a great game, OU lost by 1 point but I'm really proud of them.

Last Minutes Presents - - -
Shaun finally have his awesome watch. Oh men... but wait 'till you see the manual, it's like 1 1/2 inches thick. There's like 7 to 9 (or more) different things to set before you can actually use it. reading the manual is easy but the steps that you need to apply is harder than we thought. He loves it and he's totally happy with it... that's what matters most. I also got him an Executive Leather Chair for his office. And hopefully in a couple of weeks, I will be able to get him a leather sofa to match his chair.

Trip to the Philippines - - -
We have decided to visit on April. I told my family that I'll visit on August but Shaun wanted to celebrate his birthday over in Cebu or Leyte. We want to have like a fiesta birthday with our friends and family. I think it'll be fun. We have started our goal plan for this trip and all we need is to stick with the plan.

To You All - - -
Happy New Year! Hope this year brings you and your love ones a very blessed year.

Thank you for those who sent us wishes and presents during Christmas.

Thank you for the time you shared with Me and Shaun for the rest of the year 2006.

Above all... let's thank the Lord for all the blessings he gave us every single day!

Mabuhay po kayong lahat!!!