31 December, 2010

Aspen: A Skier's Delight

Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy

Our family enjoys skiing as a way to exercise while also spending quality time together. One of our favorite places to ski is in Aspen, Colorado. We have stayed at a number of resorts in this city and love the casual, relaxed atmosphere of the town. Nestled between Smuggler Mountain and Aspen Mountain, the town is a skier's delight.

Once a year, my oldest son meets us and his two younger siblings for a weeklong retreat in Aspen. We usually visit in February when the conditions are perfect for skiing. Though we have stayed at rental condominiums in the past, our family prefers to stay at a resort because of convenient access to restaurants and the slopes. The price is often slightly higher, but we truly enjoy meeting new people and families at the ski lodges.

Preparing for our annual ski trip involves making sure we have brought all the ski equipment we need. Since our family drives to Aspen, innovative packing methods are a must. We usually tie large equipment, like skis, to the top of our car. After setting our home security alarm from http://www.Allhomesecurity.com/_ and asking our neighbors to feed our cats, we are off for a fun week of skiing in Aspen.

29 December, 2010

He Stole What

Thanks to Erasmo Cortez

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas lives on forever in my mind as my favorite animated Christmas special. I could give you all the reasons for this, but it would take years to explain it all to you. The green Grinch doesn't like Christmas but the Who's in Whoville set him straight. After much evil, he's able to see the true meaning of Christmas and even carve the roast beast, something that is endlessly cute to myself and anyone else out there that has ever appreciated this Christmas classic.

My list of favorite shows usually includes all those Christmas classics. I don't mind watching a show or two that's new every season but my heart belongs to the old, established shows that have proven themselves reliable over the years. Every time I watch one of these shows, it's like I've never seen it before in my life. The magic happens all over again. I plan to continue enjoying The Grinch Who Stole Christmas every year on my
direc 4 u television broadcast, and I'll pass the tradition down to my children and any other children in the world that want to see one of the greatest animated specials of all time.

It's the best at Christmas but it's also best in its category. There's a reason that the
Grinch is a highly memorable classic and one viewing will prove it.

24 December, 2010

Why I like Ebbie

Guest post written by my buddy Aldo Mays

The film "Ebbie" is an updated version of the Charles Dickens' film "A Christmas Carol". My family and I all gather round when it comes on and watch it together. We pop some popcorn, light a fire, turn on the satellite television from
bestchoicetv.com to watch "Ebbie" and enjoy.

The film centers around a business women named Elizabeth "Ebbie"
Scrooge. She is taught a lesson by three ghosts of the Christmas season. "Ebbie" is not as scary as "A Christmas Carol" according to my children. It is much easier to watch this film with my children because of this. It still teaches the same morals and principles that "A Christmas Story" does; however, it does it with an updated feel.

I know it is Christmas time when I see "Ebbie" come on. I start to see the commercials for it starting the week after Thanksgiving. I started watching this film when it was released in 1995. I just hope that I have passed the tradition on to my children. It is a timeless movie that thrills me no matter how many times I have watched it.

21 December, 2010

Nick Nick Nick Nick Nickelodeon

This guest post from Josue Nichols

My son and I absolutely love to watch Nickelodeon together! All of our favorite shows come on there-Fairly Oddparents, Spongebob, Wonder Pets, and even Go Diego Go! Patrick is both my son's favorite character as well as mine. It is always a special treat when we watch Nick on our

Of all the shows we watch, Spongebob is our favorite. Patrick always makes us laugh, and my son loves to imitate Squidward. Nick really knew what they were doing creating this show. There is no wonder why it is such a hit. No matter what your age, it will always bring you a ton of laughs.

Go Diego Go has even helped the both of us learn a bit of Spanish! Not a lot of cartoons these days are educational, so I sure appreciate those that are both fun and educational. At 5 years old he can speak more Spanish than me, and I owe it all to Diego!

And who can forget The Wonder Pets? The theme song to Wonder Pets is so catchy, I find myself singing it long after the show has went off! We are so glad to be able to watch
Nickelodeon together!

17 December, 2010

Affordable Auto Insurance

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Insurance is something that is tricky and sometimes your policy might not match your requirements. At the end of the entire ordeal, you might lose your money. Choosing insurance should be done quite carefully and you shouldn’t be hasty in picking up policies. With insurance for your automobiles, you need to be all the more careful. During an unfortunate accident, you will be responsible for the passengers traveling along with you. In that case, if you don’t have a policy that covers them too, you can get stuck with too many medical bills and vehicle repairs. Good thing about now is that you can actually find affordable car insurance quotes through the websites like Affordable Insurance Site. Consumers are given the power to choose and compare prices which gives us the opportunity to find the best that will accommodate our needs depending on our budget.

15 December, 2010

Black Friday Ended With A Comfy Sofa

I appreciate the guest post, Rodrigo Coffey

It was a browsing Black Friday for me. You know, nothing particular in mind but you're waiting for something to scream at you. I waltzed through a few stores like Best Buy, Bon Ton and a new store in the neighborhood called Below 5. Everything is $5.00 or below. (O.K. name makes that point obvious) But anyways I did come across some lovely Nintendo DS Lite carrying cases. My daughter was fascinated by the Hello Kitty design, sparkly red with Hello Kitty sitting on a rainbow. Normally this type of item in regular stores will go for around $17.00-$25.00. I paid only-well-$5.00.

A friend that was with us actually needed something electronic that's where Best Buy came in the picture. He didn't find what he was looking for though. The continuous walking around was starting to take a toll on my feet, stylishly fit into a pair of sleek
cowboy boots. Oh, we did stop by Wally's (Walmarts) just to pick up some basics. We did find some pretty good exercise clothing. Great “bang for the buck” as they say. Finally returned homed to some nice cozy heated rooms, flopped down on my comfy sofa to watch my satellite TV from DirectStarTV.com. For me, that was a great ending to a typical Black Friday.

13 December, 2010

Family Ski Reunion in Gatlinburg

Author: Joyce Mccall

One of our family's favorite winter activities is skiing. Since we have family located in Virginia, West Virginia, and West Tennessee, the city of Gatlinburg in the eastern region of Tennessee serves as a perfect spot for us to meet once a year for our annual family reunion. We usually schedule this event during the winter months in order to take advantage of the ideal skiing opportunities at Ober Gatlinburg. This resort is convenient to all of the activities that Gatlinburg has to offer. It is a great place for beginning skiers and children too.

The Ober Gatlinburg resort offers bunny slopes, snowboarding, snow tubing, and slopes for more advanced skiers. However, the prices for ski rentals seem to be a bit higher at this resort in comparison with other ski resorts we have visited. Therefore, we usually pack our own equipment. I will generally tackle the task of tying all of our skis to the roof of our SUV, while my husband tidies up the house and sets our home security alarm from
Security Choice for added assurance and peace of mind. After everything is prepared, our family is ready to meet all of our extended relatives for our annual Gatlinburg ski reunion.

10 December, 2010

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08 December, 2010

Camelback Displays

How often have you walked through a trade show and disregarded an entire aisle of exhibits because nothing really attracted your attention? In the exhibit industry, there are often times when standard trade show displays are passed over. The goal is to be dynamic, captivating, and attractive to attendees. And yet it is so easy to make the same display mistakes year after year that detract from this goal.

Many exhibitors do not consider the sheer fatigue of the average trade show attendee who has to make their way through tons of exhibits that all look relatively the same. We know that a good trade show exhibit must attract their attention in only a few seconds. Often times, exhibitors work at odds against this idea because they fill their exhibits with too much information. It is important to have a visual focal point; your core message, rather than a bombardment of individual trade show graphics and images that may turn off weary eyes. Also, eddy against the stream and be distinctive! This isn’t too difficult because most exhibitors tend to buy the same trade show exhibits that everyone else has and anything that looks different (different in a good way!) will attract more eyes.

Attracting attention with a successful trade show exhibit doesn’t necessarily mean depleting your trade show budget either by going bigger. Consider the marketing messages you are conveying to attendees. Hone in on 3 core messages that compliment your main idea. Produce large graphics for your main idea and compliment your visual presentation with pictures. Interesting images can effectively convey a message faster than words.

So, what if your competitors are doing the same thing? How do you stand out against them? Grab their attention with light! Light naturally triggers a visual AND an emotional response, distinctively or subtly. Think about it. Hazard lights, blinking lights, a sunrise, a sunset, all affect us in different ways.

The idea is to bring your graphics to life with backlit lighting. Backlit lighting adds dimensionality to your image and directs the viewers gaze. There are many options available for backlit headers and signs. Camelback Displays specializes in a range of light solutions including large backlit graphic display walls, called The Pop-Lite. This light box-like system transforms a sturdy pop up system into an illuminated, backlit display. Another type of pop-up uses what's called a "bubble panel" which curves outward from the other panels and is backlit. Backlit headers can also brighten up a pop-up or panel system. Light boxes strategically placed can emphasize ideas or messages and come in small or large sizes. Spot lights with colored gels can give a dramatic effect to your display, especially if they involve movement. Product displays with bottom-lit platforms can add interest and emphasize shape and form.

You may be trade show exhibit number 30 in an aisle of 40 exhibitors, but with a distinctive, backlit presentation, potential customers will surely gravitate towards the bright light ahead!!

04 December, 2010

Aruba Beach Wedding

Thanks to Austin Camacho

I just got back from my sister's wedding at a beautiful resort on the island of Aruba. The resort wasn't your typical high-rise that towers over a crowded beach. Instead it was a low-rise building nestled in lush gardens, and it had everything a bride could want for her dream wedding. White sand on the beach, turquoise water, and deep green palm trees were just the beginning of the delights that awaited us.

Once all the guests arrived, we enjoyed a buffet supper and then went for an evening sailboat tour of the island. I'll never forget the fresh scents of the water and that breeze in my hair. After we freshened up, we met everyone at one of the clubs to enjoy some dancing and live music. My sister and I shared a luxurious air conditioned room that night. Then, the next morning, she and I dressed like we always dreamed we would for her big day: like two fairy princesses. Then we headed for the beach and the most romantic wedding ceremony I've ever witnessed. I was sure to set the security alarm from http://www.besthomesecurity.com/ Afterward, we had a fantastic wedding brunch right there on the beach, and then everyone headed off to play in the water. We skied and snorkeled and sailed some more before we left this island paradise and headed for home with many wonderful memories.

02 December, 2010

James Garner is My Favorite TV Actor

Guest post from: Jerald Hammond

James Garner has been my favorite television and movie actor for years. I first saw him in his western TV series "Maverick", and he became an instant favorite. When I was a kid, I wished I had a hat like his from the series, and I even practiced that charming grin in the mirror after the show. Then came "The Rockford Files", and I'll tell you the man didn't lose any of his acting ability. He played a private detective with that same level of charm as he played the gambler in "Maverick".

Of course today I like the fact that I can watch him on Direct TV Specials because the images are so much clearer than they ever were when I watched with an antennae. The picture and sound are better, and it's almost like watching each series new. James Garner did more than television, of course. He played private eye Philip Marlowe in the film "Marlowe" and he even acted with Doris Day in some romantic comedies back in the sixties. And who could forget his tough guy role in "Victor/Victoria?" He's one of those actors that could always find work if he wanted it, and he hope he keeps on wanting to work for years to come.

01 December, 2010

Steam Team

The Steam Team has just about every kind of cleaning that you would ever need. This team is number one choice for cleaning your carpets in Austin and Dallas, Texas.

Vacuuming does not by any means get all that dirt and mess out of your carpet. The Steam Team has a wonderful way to high pressure steam clean your carpet. Look here for more details steam carpet cleaning service austin as there are many
ways to clean your carpet and the expert will do some tests to see which is the best way to do your carpet. These facts are all included in the above link.

There is nothing better than a gorgeous hardwood floor which can last forever if they are taken care of properly. The Steam Team has some terrific trained technicians that will help you with the process of cleaning and restoring yur hardwood floor. Take a look here for some good ideas about your
hardwood floor care, hardwood floor cleaning tips austin which has a wonderful dust free process for cleaning the floors. The steam team will go through some steps in taking care of your floor which include, Visual Inspections, Damage repair, Complete cleaning and then a finish coat.

The Steam Team provides you with a wonderful dehumidification service in case of hurricanes, floods pipe breaks, or any kind of water flooding problem. If will look at this part of this site, it explains how
dehumidification can reduce reconstruction dehumidification equipment austin, such as what happens when water ruins your furniture or your house. The Steam Team uses the latest in equipment and methods to make the effects of water damage much smaller. They have daily moisture readings, they will go between Customers and insurance companies, and the technicians are very easy to reach. They are on call 24 hours a day and seven days a week.