26 February, 2007

Me and Isha

Every time we get home we try to spend time with Isha. She's still a pup and she's not supposed to be alone. She always get excited when she sees us and she pouts when we don't want to play with her. We feel sorry for her sometimes but we're trying to spend hours playing with here. On Sundays, I make sure we spend much of our time with her before we go to bed. She is so sweet and so smart. She knows a couple of commands already and a minute ago she just learned the command "jump"... he-he. I'm so proud of her. She just drives me nuts sometimes 'cause she follows me everywhere I go she's my baby.

Don't get me wrong, Kimber and Lolah are as important as Isha to us. They're still our babies.

Guess I have to get off here, had to get up early tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by!

25 February, 2007

Reminds Me Of...

NesCafe Instant Coffee reminds me of my Lolo and Lola (Grandparents)
Starbucks reminds me of my dating period with Shaun
Rain reminds me of my high school year
Beer reminds me of night outs in the Philippines
Pan Cake reminds me of mama
Adobo and Puto reminds me of Auntie Milag
Christmas reminds me of Tanauan and my early childhood
New Year reminds me of our front yard in the Philippines
Dried Mango reminds me of Cebu
Beauty Shop reminds me of Mandaue City in Cebu
Nail Polish reminds me of mama and Auntie Nora
Coke reminds me of Shaun's Condo in Cebu
Rice reminds me of wet market
Beach reminds me of my family
Bread and Peanut Butter reminds me of family having breakfast
Fish reminds me of my mama and lola
Notebook reminds me of high school assignments

***I'm just bored***

24 February, 2007


Yes I'm bored and so lazy to do my home work. Shaun had to work today and probably tomorrow too... "sucks". Now I'm kinda' having a headache for staying in front of my computer for an hour. I have checked my emails and on line profiles already. Now I'm doing this... maybe I'll take a break and watch a movie then nap for 30 minutes... ha-hay... I'm just so lazy... ha-ha

Nothing special thing to say right now. No exciting happened... well except for all the birthday celebrants today... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Okay... got to get off here... thanks for viewing!

21 February, 2007

Friends - Friends - Friends

Through Friendster I have finally got in touch with my elementary former classmates in Subic. It is so amazing how our technology works... he-he.

Last weekend we had guest and we had supper at our place. They are couple from Germany. We had a great time, we talked about so many things, most are all about Germany. Regina (the wife) she is so cool; even though she's 50 years old, she looks very good, very young and very funny. She loves my babies especially Kimber. Marcus (the hubby) he is funny too and I've heard Shaun promoted him for being a great worker. Congratulations!

We planned to go out again and I promised I'll speak a little German next time, he-he. Yah!

Anyway, thank you to all of my friends and classmates for the messages you sent me. TTYL!!!

Touch Down!

I didn’t go to work today because of minor injury. I had an accident yesterday morning (in my very own kitchen). Isha knocked off the bottle of water and I accidentally stepped on it and that’s when the horrible Touch down happened. Of course I still had Isha’s bowl on my hand so it was a complete touch down I believe. Yeah it was funny “to some of you” but damn that really hurts. I didn’t move a single inch thinking I might broke something. So I stayed on the floor, screaming for help but Shaun couldn’t hear me. I stood up after 15 minutes and of course I got mad at Shaun (sorry babe). Duh, I’ve been screaming and banging the floor so that he can hear me. But anyway, I’m doing fine as of now but my whole back and shoulder is hurting though.

Update: I’ve changed my mind. I will keep MySpace account and that’s it!

14 February, 2007

Heart's Day

Another special day huh. Today is all about showing some loving and surprises.

Shaun surprised me with Valentine presents special deliver straight to my office desk, ha-ha. I really freaked out. Two L.P.'s brought it to my office and of course... the ladies were like... "awww". Most of them told me to enjoy it 'cause after few years all I'll be getting is a card, ha-ha. I think that was funny.

I got stuffed Teddy Bear embracing a vase handful of red Roses. A bunch of chocolates that we both love so much. Three Heart Balloons saying I Love You. An iPod cradle with speaker, its so cute, it looks like an alien. And a Valentine card where he noted how much he loves me and how special I am to him and some crazy jokes... ha-ha. I wanted to take a photo of them but I couldn't find the camera in the office... oh well.

But... this is not the only day he surprises me or give me presents... its everyday... yes... everyday...
... everyday is always special and full of surprises... his love and caring to me is the best present ever.

"Babe... I love you and thank you so much for everything... Mwah Better get yourself ready tonight, he-he"

11 February, 2007

Just an Update

My weekend was fine nothing special. Shaun went to work and I stayed home with our babies. Cleaned the house a little bit and do some laundry just like most wives do every weekend.

Just for an update; I have decided to deactivate my profile in Multiply and MySpace for several reason. One of them is not being able to update them at the same time. It’s just so hard to keep like four profiles in four different host… you know what I mean? I will keep my account in Friendster and Blogspot; and give me a little bit time to update these profiles. I will be doing a construction eventually as soon as I get a chance.

I hope everybody had a great weekend!

07 February, 2007

Having Fun Yet?

Having Isha has changed everything including my work. That’s how much I am attached to her. I used to love over time but since we had her I’d wish for getting off early. I missed her everyday, maybe because she’s still a pup and I’m so worried about her. I read a book called German Shepherd for Dummies… he-he. Some of you may think it’s too much effort and I would agree but German Shepherd is not just any dog. They’re very smart and very loyal.

Anyway, the first two nights was very hard for me. Isha kept waking me up in the middle of night; first night was around 11:30 and the second one was around 3:00a.m. I had a headache last Saturday and Shaun told me to take a nap. He looked out Isha for me while I was asleep.

I just now realized how big the responsibility of having a German Shepherd in your home especially when it’s still a pup. So many adjustments you have to take; not to mention your temper. But that’s alright, I will do everything to make our Isha happy and make her feel that we’re her loving Papa and Mama (he-he O.A. noh?) We love her as much as we love Lolah and Kimber.

03 February, 2007


“Isha means Protector

Isha Buckner… our new baby, she was born on December 7th of 2006 and she is a full blood German Shepherd.

How and Where we got her? - - -

We have been waiting for the right time to have a puppy and for some reason we just couldn’t find time and effort to look. Last Wednesday evening, I was looking at this Ad and there was one portion that I can’t get my eyes off. So I asked Shaun about these puppies, there were several Ads on the paper but there was a strange feeling about this one Ad. Of course Shaun was already interested as they are being from a Champion Blood Line. So we called, and you know how it goes during inquiries. The owner Lori sent us photos of the three puppies and Isha was the biggest of the litter. The first thing we’ve said was “Awww… how pretty”. So… from there we scheduled the meeting. This happened on the same night.

Because of too much excitement, I got off at 2:30 on Thursday afternoon and drove to Sherman. We had to meet half-way ‘cause she lives like an hour from our place. So since she called and going to be late, we spent our waiting time in Star Bucks; Target and PetCo. When we’re almost done wit the shopping in PetCo. Lori called and she needed us to meet her outside because Isha had a car sick problem. So we went and as soon as we saw her… “Awww, baby”. She gave us the puppy look like she’s saying… “Help me, I’m sick, I want to go home”. Ha-ha. We brought her in at PetCo and everyone kept looking at her… “pwera usog”. Oh, by the way, her original name was Peachy and we renamed her as Isha Buckner.

About our baby kitties, they showed good signs, we’re guessing it’ll take a week or two at least before they get used around each other, they don’t fight too so it’s really a good sign. But we know Kimber is so jealous right now, he-he. We’re trying to have time play with her too as she loves to play worm fetch.

So here it goes... some photos of our new baby Isha Buckner. We love her so much already and I missed her so much yesterday.