28 October, 2005

A LittLe SoMetHinG

On my birthday, me, my hubby and my brother were getting us ready to leave. I was in a hurry and worrying that my brother might get late from his job. Few minutes before we walked out the door, Loco asked me to feed Lolah and Kimber. So I did and as soon as I open the door, a small gift bag was waiting for me on top of the kittie's food can. I was like... "OMG, what's that?" Then I looked at Loco and he didn't say anything. I grabbed the bag and the gift was so gorgeous and I can't wait to wear it.

Then that evening, me and him had a little drink and got a little drunk... and ... ssshhhh... never mind.... ha-ha-ha.

Anyways... my birthday and even the day after my birthday was so wonderful. Thank you Lord!

26 October, 2005

Yesterday & Today


I sat down in front of my computer, played a little bit of music, games and photos and then I thought of making a short list for me to do on my birthday.

First : Wake up early and get ready
Second : Check my emails
Third : Attend Mass at St. Williams Church

It’s all simple, no parties or anything; I just wanted to have a peaceful birthday.


I woke up early and got ready. Checked my emails, in fact I was able to chat with my brother’s fiancĂ©e, Cathy. Also with my best friend Leizl. Received text messages from Kuya Steve and my friend Jocelyn. Also e-mail messages from my high school batch mates. Let’s make it short, the Net World made my Day! He-he.

Third but not the least… attend mass and spent a short time with the Lord. To tell you honestly, that was my first time attending Roman Catholic mass ever since I got here in the United States. I’ve been visiting other churches and now, I’m so happy that God made a way for get there. It feels so different but overwhelming.

That’s all I’ve done today, I know it’s kinda’ boring but hey… it’s my birthday! And there’s still weekends coming up! He-he-he

20 October, 2005


The party that was held last October 15 at our new home was a success. Our close family and friends were there and seemed everyone had a great time. The party started at 4:00pm and lasted until 4:00am. We were all drunk but actually I don’t consider myself drunk because I was so tired and stressed, the alcohol just made me so sleepy… damn that’s a waste! grrrr.

Anyways, there were bunch of presents, personal and by mail. Everyone were so excited to see it, I think they’re more excited than I was, ha-ha. I’m so thankful that everything went good. My brother Snoopster arrived day before the party, I’m glad he had a good time and Loco’s family gave him a very warm welcome. My friend Sarah from Texas came also together with her husband Abraham. Actually it was our first meeting that’s why I was kinda’ nervous when they’re almost at our place. We both had a great time talking about so many things. She’s cool, nice and very pretty.

The party was not actually for the housewarming “ONLY”. There were important things to celebrate during that day.

Shaun’s new accomplishment
My birthday on the 26th
My 1 year stay in the United States on the 22nd
Welcome party to my brother snoopster

The party didn’t stop that day! On the next day, we went to grandma Jenelle to celebrate my birthday and her birthday. See, we both have the same Birthdate… October 26, isn’t that cool? Foods and gifts were present too…. Hehehe.

Thank you for all who shared their time with us, their gifts and wishes… thank you so much, we really do appreciate it.

I have some few photos taken, if you want to check it out just click-on my Photo Album.

12 October, 2005

Again... Welcome

To my friends and readers, I am sorry if I had to create a new blog. I had no plan on doing it but I have no choice. Something went wrong with my template and I couldn't get to fix it... even the Developers don't have any idea what happened to it. It's very frustrating because I've spent a lot of time on that bloggy. Oh well, I guess I have to ask you to update your links for my blog... sorry guys.

Anyways, this site will be the same as the previous one... although this time it's going to be a little "spicy" hehehe.
See you around and keep on reading! Thank you!