29 September, 2006

Is there a Next Day?

Bloggers!!!(Did anybody noticed something different here? where is the freaking tool bar? grrrr)

Yesterday - - -
Same with the previous days, home-work-home. Except... Shaun bought me a Costume for the Halloween. We bought a couple of props and background sound so we all can feel the spirit of the ghosts... mwahh-hahahaha. I talked to Misty and Mom Lynn and we contributed ideas.. I love it when we do that. Shaun is going to make a script to entertain the kids, or should I say spook them! So I really can't wait wait for the party next month. Now, am still looking for more fun ideas, props and black icing for my birthday cake, hehe.

Today - - -
Shaun and I didn't work, he's got dentist appointment this morning and mine will be this after at 2:00. I am not looking forward to it at all... I'm freaking nervous!

I just talked to sister Sarah, I told her am going to talk to Shaun and visit them... but there's no date yet.

Tomorrow - - -
I guess stay at home, play with my computer, watch movies and clean the house. Speaking of which, I really need to get my kitchen done this weekend. Next week I have to start painting and buy some stuff.

24 September, 2006

So Excited!

Sorry but I'm more excited than the kids for our party next month...ha-ha. I was chatting with my Sister Misty a few minutes ago and I told her about the basic plan for the party... yepeee! I also talked to Mom Lynn and she herself is also excited, she even suggested games for kids and a place to have it... very cool!
Now am starting to look for stuff we need, music, decor and other scary stuff. Gosh, I can't decide what to wear. Shit... am really so excited, ha-ha.
Oh well... I have to go back working. mwah to all!

Just Something to Say

Questions ? ? ?
There's no such thing as a "Stupid Question" (as they always say), but some people consider it as it is. I think it's just the way you ask or the person itself, ha-ha. Tell me, when you see somebody moving a table and then a person would ask you "what is she doing?", you would probably say "moving the table", right? What if this person will tell you... "Duh, I can see that, but why is she moving it?" ha-ha. Look at the difference between the two questions that was asked...

1. "What is she doing?"
2. "Why is she moving it?"

Ain't that funny and confusing sometimes? Well, if we could only use the proper use of English Language we could probably avoid misunderstanding.(Remember the part of speech back in high school? he he). But I agree more on common sense though and I always tell my asawa to be more specific specially in the Philippines because we are educated with proper English. Here in US, you really have to listen carefully and look at the situation before you answer the question.

Friendship~Bond - - - (para ito kay Brutitch, ala eh buti nga sa-iyow)
OMG... gossip-gossip-gossip, what can you get from doing such? Nothing really unless you have other intentions.
Well, it's not my problem and not my business, I have other more important things to focus on. I just hope all of these never happened in the first place.

October - - -
The most busy month of my life, he-he. Beer Fest, my birthday, my 2nd year US-Living and Halloween party. Shaun and I have decided to have a Halloween party at our place. I want to give the kids a Halloween fun... we have plans going on but I'm not going to post it yet, surprise! surprise! Aside from that, I will also celebrate my 29th birthday on the same evening. ooops, did I just mentioned my age? crap!. Hey, but I believe that "Life starts at 30"... that's why am so freaking excited for my birthday next year! woohooo! I'll be 30 and Mama... you'll be 50, hihihi. Anyway, I am so excited for next month... yehey!

Copy Cat - - -
"You're nothing but a second rate trying hard copy cat" - - remember that line? I like that movie, I wonder if I can get that from NetFlix? Anyway, the line is for some one who always have to have the things that you have... strange-strange-strange... be unique a-ho!

Good Luck Wishes - - -
Shaun my baby... I wish you good luck on your exam this coming week. I believe you can do it and I can see that you will have your goal in your hands soon. I will always be here for you honey... all the time. I love you and go kick some ass!

My pretty Sister Marie... I missed you so much sis. Shaun and I wish you all the best and happiness in your journey. I'm sorry if we could not be there during your graduation. I love you sis... so much and can't wait to see you again! TQ-la! ahuh!

17 September, 2006

Back on Track

Finally, my bubba (pc) is now back on track. Shaun fixed the LAN this afternoon and am glad it didn't took so long.
Weekend - - -
Our weekend was fine, we stayed home and we watched movies most of the time. We had cat naps here-and-there. Last night was fun in hell..ha-ha. We drink and got drunk and talked about visiting Philippines next year on March. But I knew it'll change, ha-ha. Then we went to bed at almost 1:00am. I got up at 5am and it was rough men. I got sick - - - hang-over as you all know the term. I couldn't go back to bed 'cause my headache was killing me. So I stayed up and watched Ella Enchanted 'till Shaun got up. But the freaking electricity went on and off this morning because of that heavy rain this morning and men... it pissed me off 'cause it was like 5-6 times that it went off. But, I got over it.
Anger - - -
I am a little bit upset about my attitude lately. I don't know... its like I can't control my temper no more. Its so hard to control the way I feel. I always stand for the truth and I don't pretend, so when I'm mad at somebody... I am mad! I don't do politics. I hate great pretenders as well. But last night, I feel like I am missing something. Which I don't know what exactly am missing. I have a lot of friends in the Philippines... a bunch! I have few friends here in the US but that don't bother me. The difference between them is I always have to compromise... why? Why do I have to like the person or show them that I like them if I obviously don't? I don't don't mean to get everybody down but men... that's how I feel... please don't make me pretend.
Friends - - -
Karen and Christine sent me a note few days ago and am glad everything is doing great out there guy! I missed you all and we're looking forward to party with you again.... yahoooo!
Babies - - -
I don't have baby yet and I want to have one someday... when? ? ? ? - I guess when I turn 40 years old, ha-ha. Naah, we're not in a hurry, we have other plans to focus on today, having a kid is just there, who knows, maybe we're made up for the needy children that have no family at all. Bless their hearts.
Okay, time for me to go to bed... love you guys.!

11 September, 2006


Saturday - - -
Happy Birthday Ryan Baken! Your Uncle Shaun and I are wishing you good health and joy. I hope you like the gifts and you had fun on your birthday.

After the cake and ice cream, we went to Misty to watch college football... and again.. OU won! Then we went to the bar, Shaun had a great time with Mike. Now Shaun is planning for the bachelor party. I just hope there won't be dramas later on... OMG... I hate dramas.

Speaking of Dramas - - -
Why can't some people just let somebody to have fun? Why? Why does it have to be difficult to let somebody happy? If you love or respect someone, let him/her be happy... don't hold them back because you don't agree to it. 99.9% proven that most cases of divorce/separation are because of "DRAMA" caused by some stupid idiot who only think of themselves.

07 September, 2006


Sad - - -
I received a message from Jepoy through friendster and he brought me sad news. One of our high school classmate and her family had a mobile accident just this week. Her eldest son died on the spot. Jep didn't mentioned about the condition of the rest of the family. Bridget is one of our classmate in high school, she's funny and loving. I just can't believe that ALL of them were in that same accident... I mean... the WHOLE family. I feel sorry for her young kid... it broke my heart when I read the news.
Good - - -
Finally the day is over and tomorrow is Friday. Weekend will be busy for us, maybe tomorrow evening Shaun and I will drive to Ada, fix Chasty's PC, then on Saturday we'll have birthday party for Ryan. Of course, at 3:00P.M. we will move to Misty's place to watch OU College Football. It's going to be tiring weekend but am sure it'll be fun... as it is always.
Fine - - -
I'm just glad that the day is over. I had a long day at work today. Three of our co-workers left early, and tomorrow they probably won't show up. So it's going to be hard day ahead of again and I can tell right now that I'm going to be cranky but I'll try not to. (Ngwa-Ngwa-Ngwa)
Fun - - -
Just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all celebrants this Month of September. May you all have fun and may God Bless you and your family!
---okay, that's it for now... my body temperature is getting high, I'm going to lay down for a few minutes while waiting for my honey-bunny.
Love you all!

02 September, 2006


(First of all... I would like to apologize to the readers that will get offended or insulted by this post)
Spams - - -
We normally get spams through by emails or by mail box. Don't you hate it? Some really sounds real good but there's always a kicker. There is also one kind of spam mail, they call it Chain Letter which I really hate, especially when it has something to do with God. Damn it people! have some respect! or maybe should I say have common sense. People will send you mails about God, blessing you and blah-blah-blah... then at the end of the letter you'll see DEATH... "you have to send this to at least 5-10 people and if you don't you will have bad lucks". Then here you go... forwarding this stupid email to everybody even to the people you don't even know. Some people had to post it on their Blogs or Sites... bull crap! Even the ones that does not even believe in God. I mean... come on, there's nothing wrong of sharing the word of God and your prayers but if you're only doing this because you were asked to... just drop the subject.
Water - Water - - -
What's up with Water lines this day (Saturday)? Shaun received an Emergency Water Line Call this morning, so he had to work. Then, our water flow is so low, take so long to finish my laundry. Dad's water line got broke too. What the heck is going on?
OU Game - - -
Alright, in a few hours we'll be at Misty's place to watch OU Game. I hope they'll win. I'm not familiar with the game rules but I enjoy watching it with my family... they get crazy and tension is all over the room... he-he. Of course... happy hours will be held after the game, he he.