29 April, 2007

German Fest 2007

We went to Muenster Texas yesterday (28th) to attend German Fest and we were accompanied by our real German friends. Inspite of the long 2 hour drive, the trip was full of excitement. This is actually our first travel with foreigners. Different culture, different traits, different experience but these freinds are no different from us. They are fun and silly too (he-he).
On Friday afternoon Shaun bought a new JVC Hand-Cam (Hard Drive) to take with us, so that means you'll see videos of me... dancing... Chicken Dance. I feel so embarassed while we were watching it this afternoon. All I can say is "German Beer Kick-@&&" yes, I do still drink "occasionally" but not as "occasionally like daily" ha-ha.
Anyways, the festival was fun. Lots of people of course. We didn't get to see the sausage eating contest, the bicyle race and the maratton. But the food, drinks and dancing was awesome. We liked the German Dance presentation and the beer belly competition (very funny). I will upload the photos and video as soon as I get a chance. I'm stll tired from busy weekend we had.
As I mentioned beer earlier, we know that during October Fest almost all cities are partying and people are expecting for beer... lots of lots of beers, right? But do you know the real meaning of October Fest and exactly where it was originated? anybody? I guess some of you know or maybe I was just one of those ignorant (he-he). One of our German friend told me that it was originated in Germany and October Fest is no different from our Thanksgiving. It is when they feast to give thanks for all the blessing; the food, the drink the crops... everything that helps them live. It's not because they want to drink and get drunk like most of us. So now we know the meaning of OctoBeer... oh I mean October Fest... he-he. Very educational huh. And besides beer, she also told me about the culture in Germany... they also have invited us to visit next year, Shaun said YES... wohoo!!!
So, I guess I'll live it up to here for now. Thanks for stopping by.

25 April, 2007

Give Yourself A Break

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Food... yummy... they have plenty of restaurants to dine in. I really can't wait to experience the life in New Jersey City.

23 April, 2007


I don't know how you call it but there's something just happened today.

I just realized how lucky I am for not being one the unfortunate people. How lucky I am that I can eat more than 3 meals a day. How lucky I am that I don't have to beg for penny. How lucky I am that I have clothes to wear. How lucky I am that God never left me even though I was ignoring His blessings.

Within 1 1/2 hour, I realized all these. The people that I saw today made me feel this way. I believe that God sent them for me see what I am missing in my life. How stupid I am to ignore all these.

Early this afternoon while shopping, an elderly man asked me if I was singing for God. I looked at him and said "Huh? I'm sorry?" Don't get me wrong, I heard exactly what he said, it’s the question that strikes my attention. He smiled and looks at me and said, "oh, I just thought I heard you humming... singing for the Lord. I always do that, sing praises to the Lord". I smiled back, nod and walked away.

I'm not sure what's going on but it’s definitely weird. It's been awhile (long-long-long-time) that I offered all myself to the Lord. I feel so ashamed.

Oh well, I know God has something for me. I believe he just touched my heart again. Calling me to come back to his arms.

So guys... no matter what you believe in, just remember, life is short and precious... take care of it and let God say in your heart.

= = = = = = = = =

I'm I getting too mushy? That’s how I feel so let me be.

22 April, 2007


How’s everybody weekend? Mine was not very eventful. I stayed home all weekend and most of my time was on the net chatting with my sisters (Marie and Mae Ann). I also watched my nephew baby Art on web cam, oh he’s so adorable. I wished I have a baby of my own too… he-he. By the way, remember the last post I had here about the Spam Email? Guess what? I didn’t get any forwarded spam emails since then. Whew… what a relief! Thank goodness I don’t have to waste my time deleting them.

Oh hey, I created a new blog by the way; the name is ITS A DEAL. Since I’m working with a couple of on-line affiliates program; I thought maybe it’s best to have them on one separate page. I want this Scorpion Lady77 be exclusive just for my “stuff”… he-he. So if you want to check it out just click ITS A DEAL. I’m still working on it though but viewing is free… I don’t charge don’t worry, he-he.

I guess that’s all about it for now. Talk to you guys later… have a good one!

16 April, 2007


OMG, when I opened my Yahoo Mail it says Inbox(102) , wtf?! I just cleared all the emails from Inbox to Trash and after two days here’s what I get. Shocking was… 80% of the emails are from the person that I personally know. I don’t mind receiving emails but OMG… they are all SPAMS and Trashy Forwarded Jokes… I’m talking about from person to person emails and that not includes that Spams we normally get from time to time. But guess what? I deleted them all without even opening it. So sorry guys… I have to.

I may have said this before on one of my previous post and I will say it again.

PLEASE KEEP YOUR SPAM MAILS!!! I had enough spam mails on my mails box… they’re not funny anymore!

So here below you will see my auto reply to senders; unfortunately I can only set it on my GMAIL account. Yahoo is so limited on space…grrr.


Thank you for the message. I will get back to you as soon as I get a chance.

(Exceptions for Spammers) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

If your message is one of those FORWARDED SPAM EMAILS, please do not expect me to reply or forward the email to my friends. I have enough SPAM mails on my mail box so please just keep it to your self. (Sounds strict? You’re damn right!)

This may be rude but to tell you the truth NOT EVERYBODY loves to receive these kinds of emails. Don’t get me wrong, email is fun especially when it’s from your family or long lost friends.

Jokes? They are fun too but trashy joke… keep it. And please… respect your religion. If you believe in God don’t test his blessings thru some sort of stupid emails. Why curse somebody if you believe in God? Make sense?

Last but not the least… I have already deleted and blocked some of my contacts and filter their emails (to Spam) due to SPAMMING.

Thank You and God Bless.

P.S. – I will still read your emails depending on the subject.

Attention: ALL SINGLES

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10 April, 2007

Princess Will Always Be a Princess

My day wasn’t bad at all. I thought I’ll be so behind on my work since I was out of the office yesterday, in fact I had fun. I wish tomorrow will be the same. Except dealing with plastic and whiner people.

Last night I told Shaun that I’m going to get rid of our cats… “Rid” – so harsh thing to say. He told me “No Way – not going to Happen” I knew he loves our cats… especially Kimber. The only reason I thought of getting rid of them or should I say have them for adoption is because I feel bad for them. We don’t give them too much attention since we had Isha in the house. Plus, Isha always give Lolah a hard time. Not to mention, Kimber hates Isha and she will whoop that puppy’s ass. Princess will always be a princess and that’s Kimber. Isha is now 4 months old and we’re trying to train her more often and she’s doing a great job so far.

Shaun’s birthday is coming up. I got him his present yesterday and he can’t wait already. Even his dad is so excited about the gift. Honestly… I’m freaking out. We had an agreement yesterday… I told him not to lay around bullets on my counters. Never play with the gun even if it’s unloaded… I don’t care. I had to get him a safe for our riffles and for his gun…. I don’t care how much will it cost as long as everybody is safe.

What else should I say? Oh… my brother’s wife MaeAnne will graduate tomorrow, I just found out today. “Congrats Sis”

Our meeting with Sarah and Dharl in Dallas will be rescheduled on June.

What else? Every one thinks I’m thin… shocks!!! I wished! Ha-ha.

I guess that’s all for now. Maybe this weekend we’ll drive to Misty to celebrate Shaun’s, Misty and Brandon’s birthday.


08 April, 2007

Happy Easter

I can not believe I forgot SIMANA SANTA (Holy Week). For 26 years I always celebrate Holy Week with my family, relatives and friends and just for a year or two living in the U.S. I totally forgot about it. I didn’t tend to forget and I feel ashamed about it. Lord please forgive me.

A few days ago, I’ve been checking updates on our small town back in the Philippines. And I’m proud to say that Tanauan Leyte is progressing and getting more popular. In sport issue, Tanauan is currently holding Skim Board Competition. The fact is, Skim Boarding was founded in Tanauan Leyte and now skim boarders from different countries travels every year to compete. Isn’t that awesome? Isn’t that a big success to be proud off? Good Luck everyone!

What else can I say? I don’t understand why that every time I sit down and start composing a topic, my mind just goes blank. But every second of the day, I think of something to write. Maybe I should carry a note pad every day so I can write them down, he-he. But anyway, there’s no exciting event happened. At least tomorrow I don’t have to go to work. We had to file our taxes and get everything done. Meet with Shaun’s buddy to order his gift. My baby is getting old na rin… he-he.

“Oh yeah… sis Marie… if you are reading this post… We want to congratulate you on your success… now you’re done with your schooling… reality will kick in right after you step down the stage on your graduation night. We wish you happiness and a great career… we love you”

So long everybody… gtg… so sleepy.

01 April, 2007

A FooL

Today is April Fool's Day and thank God it's Sunday... whew!!! It could have been worse if it was on a working day.

Anyway, my week was fine, nothing special happened. Shaun spent the night at Mike & Tarina's place last night. The two boys wanted to drink and play XBox 360. When I called Shaun last night they were playing with cell phone ring tones, you know... those funny ring tones. And yes, I didn't go. I chose to stay at home and relax. I'm just so tired of going out every weekend. I just want to stay home, relax and do nothing... break for good sake! I enjoyed it and I still have like 12 hours to enjoy since tomorrow is working day again.

Speaking of working... what should we do to a person who always complains about their job? Not to mention the personal drama. Last week, I have been so mean to some of my few office mates because I can not stand them anymore; they are getting on my nerves! Almost everybody chats during their breaks right? And 98% of the stories that they’re telling are bullshit… you’re stupid if you can’t tell. Anyway, the point is… if you have problems at home or any sort of drama, don’t bring at work because we don’t want to hear it; especially when those problems always exist every day. Don’t you have a new thing to say or maybe say something like you saw a bunny in your toilet… that could be more interesting than to hear the same story over and over and over… it’s getting old men! Then, there are few people who love to lift their own chairs? They think they’re better than you, they think they know everything and they think they’re good enough to give an advice? Who wants an advice from a bogus person in any aspect? Good thing I still have a few percent of humbleness ‘cause if not I may have to look for a new job. But I like my job and I’m not going to let anybody put me down… as they have tried before and once again… they have failed.

In my office, there are only two people that I like, I respect and I trust… that would be my Boss Randy and my Mama Rhonda. They are very professional when it comes to work and very funny during recess… he he. I missed my friend Elizabeth who used to work with us as a temporary as per contract. I called her yesterday and it so nice to hear from her… she is very sweet and she reminds me of my mom.

So much for the drama… sorry, just want to burst out all my unspoken words (when at work, he-he).

And oh by the way… I met two Filipinas again in Durant and they’re supposed to call me anytime and go out sometime… I’m excited!

Have a great weekend!